The beautiful Mrs. Ferroniye

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We all know the Mona Lisa and The Woman with the Silver Sable. But Leonardo da Vinci (probably) painted another Renaissance beauty. The painting we show today is currently believed to be Leonardo da Vinci…or painted by someone in his Milanese circle. Attribution in art history often changes, but luckily the timeless beauty of a masterpiece doesn’t belong. The title “Beautiful Madame Ferronier” was used as early as the 17th century, with models generally identified as the wives or daughters of metal merchants (known as ” ferronnier” ). It is said to be a cautious insinuation of the famous mistress of Francis I of France – who married a certain blacksmith. Later, she was identified as Lucretia Crivelli, a married woman in the side of Beatrice, Duchess of Milan, who, after Cecilia Gallerani, She became the mistress of Ludovico Sforza.

The woman was looking at us, but it was hard to say what that look meant. Is she sleepy? Still full of temptation? To be sure, she is a mystery. This look, once seen, is hard to forget.

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63 × 45 cm


Musée du Louvre

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