The best environment for meditation

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Ideal environment for meditation

When you are about to start meditating, do you first need to find a suitable environment?

Not too loud, too loud, too noisy. The light cannot be too bright or too dim. It is best not to have others around. The temperature should be warm and appropriate, and the chair should be comfortable enough for prolonged sitting. It would be better if there was incense, or candles, or flowers, and music.

Or, have you packed out a dedicated space for meditation, surrounded by things you love that can bring you positive emotions.

Or, you always have to tidy up your desktop, chairs, house first, make sure everything is neat, clean, and organized…

What is your ideal environment like?

Calm, serene, fragrant, beautiful, orderly, clean, holy, this was what I had longed for in a place of meditation.

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