The big brother and the Internet celebrity decided to “die”

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Zweig has a description in “The Queen of the Dead”: “She realized that fate favored herself too much. She had a good way, and good luck followed. Until she needed to use her wit and ability to save her own life and the child’s life, She just found that her life had been empty and pale, that she had never accumulated any strength to fight adversity.”

“All the gifts given by fate have already marked their prices in secret.”

Destiny bestowed upon Queen Mary a prestigious status and a beautiful appearance, and Louis XVI was willing to provide her with a life of intoxication.

The live broadcast of the show is also a crazy fan of money. It’s just that this live broadcast is gradually encroaching on more interests and desires, and the relationship between the two sides begins to get out of control. Especially after this relationship is extended to social platforms and even real life, tragedies often arise from this.

On May 6, a 34-year-old female anchor in Linyi was assassinated by the eldest brother of the list, and then the eldest brother of the list also committed suicide, which became a hot topic of the day. And this is not the first tragedy caused by disputes between fans and Internet celebrities.

On May 7, the four ministries and commissions jointly issued the “Opinions on Regulating Online Live Rewards and Strengthening the Protection of Minors”. The document points out that online platforms should cancel all the reward lists within 1 month of the publication of this opinion, prohibit ranking, attracting traffic, and recommending network anchors based on the reward amount as the sole basis, and prohibiting the ranking of users based on the reward amount.

Coincidence or not, with the introduction of this new regulation, the cancellation of the reward list has been put on the agenda, and the big brother of the list may be silent in the live broadcast. But before that, many internet celebrities and list one had already gone to the worst ending.

“Hold” and “kill”

The live broadcast industry has never lacked the legend of the big brother.

A few years ago, before Simba became popular, a person who called himself “Jiang Ye” swiped 500,000 yuan for gifts in his live broadcast room overnight. After a few months, he accumulated more than 2 million yuan in gifts. Under the title of “Big Brother on the List”, he was called “Shenhao” by netizens. Simba also learned the same way of playing. When Chu Ruixue started the live broadcast, Simba rewarded 2 million every day, occupying the first place in Chu Ruixue’s list every day, and then the two gradually got to know each other and came together.

Jiang Ye set up “investment and wealth management”, and more than 2 million gifts were exchanged for more than 1 billion “returns”. Simba held a beautiful return, and a wedding was well known and beautiful.

The top anchors and the big brothers who support them are high-level players in the business model of live broadcasting. They know the rules and gameplay, and are willing to spend money to seek greater benefits. ordinary people. When the naked desire in the live broadcast room is amplified, ordinary people are more likely to sink into it.

Linyi, a populous city located in southeastern Shandong, more than 70% of the people here are Kuaishou users, and nearly a quarter of them are active on Kuaishou every day. Some anchors rely on the city’s developed logistics system to quickly run their own e-commerce business on Kuaishou, while other anchors attract the attention of local people by singing, dancing and chatting with local characteristics, and they also live a prosperous life. rise.

Kuaishou changed Linyi to become a city of Internet celebrities. But a bloody killing that originated from Kuaishou’s live broadcast also stained this land. On May 6, a police report was made public. After the suspect Guo Moumou stabbed the victim Peng Moumou to death, he chose to commit suicide.

On the live broadcast platform, they have a more well-known title: Big Brother and Female Internet Celebrity.

According to public information, Guo, the “big brother on the list”, is a native of Feixian County. He married early and had children. He relied on his big truck to maintain his family and save his savings. In his spare time, he often browses short videos. Once, he accidentally saw a sweet-looking “Sister Shan” who was in Linyi singing on the live broadcast. After being attracted by her, he followed each other, and then began to frequently brush gifts in the live broadcast room. From hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands, Guo used his savings time and time again to gain the status of the big brother on the list.

After constantly spending her savings on the female anchor, her wife found out that there was an abnormality, but she could block it to no avail. Guo still went his own way. According to the gossip, Guo not only squandered his savings, but also transferred his truck, and gave the anchor more than 1 million gifts.

In the live broadcast room, fans expressed their love by brushing gifts, and the anchor reported them with sweet greetings and thanks, but the big brothers who were willing to spend money had different thoughts. When chasing, some people are willing to spend a lot of money to bring the anchor to a high place. When they don’t get what they want, their liking turns into resentment, and the feeling of being deceived arises. Guo Mou, who was divorced, found “Sister Shan” and realized that the other party not only had a husband but also children. Perhaps after several disputes and conflicts, he was disheartened and walked towards an irreversible road.

According to Internet reports, he stabbed the female anchor 13 times until she lost her voice and drank pesticides.

Last year, something similar happened in Hui County, Xinxiang, Henan. “Female security guard in the north of Henan” Zhao Fengfeng became popular after shooting a short video, and met with the eldest brother in private. The eldest brother found out that she was married and demanded a refund of more than 100,000 yuan for the reward. During the dispute, Zhao Fengfeng was killed. ; At about the same time, an internet celebrity anchor named “Lele” was discovered by her husband because of a video with the eldest brother on the list. The husband killed him and hid it in the freezer for 2 months.

Female anchors and male fans, two naturally ambiguous characters, are destined to be entangled between the interests and emotions of the live broadcast room.

Illusory traffic, real malice

At the beginning of the birth of the consumer entertainment method of live broadcasting, its own strong interactivity, in addition to bringing about changes in the user experience, the greatest value is to allow many ordinary people to find a stage to show themselves, and to obtain existence that may not be easily obtained in real life. feel. Especially in an interest-oriented segment like game live broadcast, it is easier to find a group of like-minded people and establish new connections.

But whether it is live broadcast or short video, the acceleration of commercialization has made them gradually coerced by traffic. Now, live broadcast and short video have become a traffic business for anchors, platforms and users, and the big brother on the list is very big. To a certain extent it is also a product of traffic. In the live broadcast room, many times, the big brother of the list is used as a target to increase the topic, attract traffic and reward.

When we are used to seeing the chaos of unscrupulous means for traffic, traffic thinking also makes many people become indifferent spectators.

In October last year, a 20-year-old female internet celebrity looked haggard in front of the camera and her eyes were empty. She said weakly that she had been suffering from depression for a long time, and was in the hospital for more than two months. The bottle is a pesticide that shows the name “Xiaocaoquan”.

One of the major features of live-broadcast suicides is “delay”: within a few hours or even days after the announcement of suicide, people will have difficulty deciding between life and death, and there will be ambivalence that they seek help while seeking death, hoping for a miracle. In this live broadcast suicide, the girl was not without hesitation, but many netizens believed that the girl was trying to gain traffic. The words “drink quickly” and “drink quickly if you want to drink” kept appearing in the live broadcast room. In the atmosphere, the girl picked up the pesticide and drank it, leaving only the sentence “a little hard to drink”.

The Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences released a study on Weibo users’ attitudes towards online live-streaming suicide attempts. The results showed that 35% of Weibo users had a negative stigma attitude towards the phenomenon of live-streaming suicide attempts on social media.

Among these microblogs, users tended to consider live-streamed suicide attempts to be “fake” (22%), “despicable” (16%), and “stupid” (15%). Those users who speculate on suicide motives tend to believe that live-streaming suicide attempts are just “to make a name for themselves” (57%), 37% of them said they “do not help” the phenomenon, and 28% said that the person concerned should be encouraged “Continue to complete the act of suicide”.

The Internet celebrity group has always been full of controversy, especially female anchors. While traffic brings benefits to them, it is also mixed with doubts, ridicules and even unfounded dissatisfaction. A fledgling female anchor is likely to continue to encounter abuse and harassment in the live broadcast room and private messages. Most of the netizens are passers-by. Occasionally, a few gift-giving people often ask “are there any benefits” bluntly.

A young lady who has broadcast live on Douyin said that almost all the people watching the live broadcast are men who want to meet their own shallow needs. ”.

If only for profit, live broadcast does provide an excellent tool for netizens to make money, but once their expectations or fantasies are pinned, live broadcast will make them see a colder reality.

Like “Luo Xiaomaozi”, “Yishiji”, the gourmet UP owner of Station B, also died of suicide. On the evening of the 5th, he released the last video, saying, “I’ve been around for six years, alone, and when everyone sees this video, I’m no longer there.” This boy born in 1996 was not accepted by his family because of his sexuality. He has been a food blogger since March 2019. He wanted to use video sharing to escape the unpleasantness of secular life, but the miracle did not happen either.

Live broadcast or short video, the emotional healing it brings to individuals is gradually disappearing.

No one pays for the death of Internet celebrities

From robbery to embezzlement of public funds to malicious murder, the crimes derived from the live broadcast room are getting more and more serious. Although the direct perpetrators of these crimes are not Internet celebrities, they are caused by some Internet celebrities. They are either set up as a single person, hanging on the appetite of the big brother on the list, and accepting the pursuit with peace of mind, or they are playing erotic side balls and constantly asking for rewards. Therefore, the death of Internet celebrities, in the case of not resonating, is at best. It just serves as a post-dinner chat for people to chat a few words, and it can’t even win more sympathy.

But the fate of these individuals can essentially be traced back to business rules. If the platform does not have a reward ranking mechanism, the anchor may not need to be too attached to the big brother on the list to form an abnormal relationship. If the platform does not only follow traffic, there will be no profit for grandstanding, and users will not become indifferent.

Since the development of live broadcasting, it has been deliberately taking advantage of the weaknesses of human nature to “kidnap” anchors and fans to create benefits for the platform itself.

For example, the ranking of the hourly rankings. Under normal circumstances, the live broadcast platform will rank the anchors according to the number of users who swiped gifts in the current hour of the live broadcast room. The anchors receive more rewards in the current hour, and the ranking is higher, and the platform traffic subsidy obtained is only More. For this reason, the anchors had to go all out to ask the fans for a reward and sprint to rank.

There is also the PK between the anchors. This process is to instill in the fans the idea of ​​not losing. Fans can only madly swipe gifts to “protect” our anchors.

Similar to Fanquan, the platform deliberately sets up various lists with the purpose of stimulating consumption, allowing local tyrants to compete with each other, willing to spend money, and then, under their leadership, stimulate the consumption desire of ordinary paying users. Although the anchors are vested interests of this rule, they also decided that they need to rely on the big brother on the list and need to constantly cater to them, otherwise they will soon be eliminated from the live broadcast circle.

Deception, disputes, cyber violence, malice, crime… These negatives that arise from the live broadcast room have brought many irreversible consequences, but the fall of the individual and the warning still cannot stop the penetration of the live broadcast into the public life. The countless relationship chains built by the carrier are still spreading densely, and the number of people or families affected will only increase.

Of course, the external force of supervision is forcing the standardization of live broadcasts. It is undoubtedly a heavy blow to cancel the reward list, but this does not mean that live broadcasts can say goodbye to the drunken fans. There is no reward list, as long as the interaction and active numbers are added to the dimension of the list, and the reward is still the most important factor in the list, it can still stimulate the rich gold owners.

History is always repeating, warnings are meaningless in the face of desire, and live games will continue.

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