The construction of charging facilities along the highway accelerated, and the net profit of 27 concept stocks increased significantly from the previous month


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 According to the news on the Titanium Media App on August 26, according to the semi-annual report, express report, and forecast net profit lower limit, there are 50 charging pile concept stocks with net profit growth in the first half of the year. The net profit growth rate of 5 stocks including Jingquanhua , Jingu , Yupont Power , Zhongtian Technology , and Anjie Technology are all over 300%. Compared with the first quarter, the net profit of 27 shares increased by more than 50%. From the perspective of market performance, among the 27 stocks whose performance has increased significantly month - on - month , 5 stocks have increased by more than 10% since August. . As of the close on August 25, there were 16 companies with a rolling price-earnings ratio of less than 40 times, and the rolling price-earnings ratio of Jingu and Hailu Heavy Industry was less than 20 times. (Source: Securities Times)

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