The construction of large file uploading in segments is based on Vue.js3.0+Ant-desgin+Tornado6 pure asynchronous IO efficient writing service

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The divide and conquer algorithm is an old but pragmatic approach. The original intention is that even if a larger whole is broken into small parts, each small part is not enough to fight against the larger whole. During the Warring States Period, the Qin State’s destruction of the vertical and horizontal lines was a means of divide and rule; in the 19th century, Belgian colonists occupied Rwanda and divided the Rwandan race into Hutu and Tutsi, in an attempt to split control. If so. In the 21st century, people tend to brush divide and conquer algorithm problems on the Leetcode platform, but in fact, from an industrial point of view, if the algorithm is not combined with the actual business scenario, the algorithm will always exist in the ether, and it will only appear in the development. In a casual interview with the author, the real algorithm is not empty, it should be able to help us solve practical problems, and yes, it should land and become an entity. The upload of large files in pieces is such a scene that fits the divide and conquer algorithm. Now, the video file…

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