The Cyberspace Administration of China issued the “Guidelines for Data Exit Security Assessment and Declaration (First Edition)”


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 Titan Media App reported on August 31 that the Cyberspace Administration of China compiled the "Guidelines for Data Exit Security Assessment Declaration (First Edition)", which explained the specific requirements for data exit security assessment declaration methods, declaration procedures, and declaration materials. If the data processor really needs to provide data overseas due to business needs, and meets the applicable circumstances of the data export security assessment, it shall declare the data export security assessment in accordance with the provisions of the "Measures for Data Exit Security Assessment" and in accordance with the declaration guidelines. When a data processor provides data overseas, under any of the following circumstances, it shall apply to the Cyberspace Administration of China through the local provincial-level Cyberspace Administration for a data export security assessment: (1) The data processor provides important data overseas; (2) Critical Information infrastructure operators and data processors that process personal information of more than 1 million people provide personal information overseas; (3) Since January 1 of the previous year, a total of 100,000 people or 10,000 sensitive personal information have been provided overseas (4) Other situations stipulated by the Cyberspace Administration of China requiring declaration of data export security assessment.

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