the dark side of love

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If you ask what is love


everyone understands

its bright exterior

such as

The concubine is beautiful, blind and handsome

Wandering night and day looking forward

Fawn’s gaffe cub’s bosom

The feeling of seeing each other late

Conscious lightness

The moonlight is so beautiful

Cute little bear in spring

Shouting cold and warm and caring

Today will be difficult to solve, and all worries will be sorted out


It’s got too much shine


seems to cover up the dark side

However, the dazzling moon

Can’t even shine

resplendent love

It must also be a piece of light and dark.

And there is still a rise and fall of bright and sunny

dark as the back of the moon

is eternal existence

the dark side of love

is hurt

disappointment hurt

Disillusioned damage

Unpredictable damage in fate

big and small injuries

Inescapable damage

lasting damage

Injuries from a grain of sand in a shoe rubbing the foot

Storm damage

silent injury

Ash’s damage

If you see another thorn coming

You choose to turn around and avoid

is patience

is a suspicion

is helpless

It’s the continued accumulation of unspeakable grief

Still waiting for the relief after the passage of time

if you understand

The light and dark of love cannot be separated

Then you will also know

Whenever a thorn strikes

outside the sky

There is also a disappointed moon sinking into the sea

what is love

Ask every time the damage hits

your heart should

How to choose and arrange

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