The details know people, and I choose them as fund managers.

Yesterday, I wrote a short post at random, and said a few snowball players who were willing to pay. Because it mentioned @ice_China Merchants Bank Guzidi, a controversial golfer, a lot of strange people came to show their superiority, this one spit, that one spit, it seems that you will grow taller by stepping on others It’s like, a group of people are very enthusiastic.

But the fact is that Guzidi is the winner in the real world. Snowball has 250,000 die-hard fans, nearly 100,000 official account subscriptions, best-selling author, and a heavyweight opinion provider in the banking investment circle, including China Merchants Bank IR. with comments. Those who scold him and step on him, what is your capital? Why do you have such a position? If you open your mouth for garbage and keep your mouth shut, you have a bad character, just because you have a mouth.

I am also a person with a bad reputation in Snowball. Many people hate me, and they often point at me with their hands on their hips, and say anything, as if they know me well. Of course, I won’t defend myself. People who understand me don’t need to explain, and people who don’t understand me don’t need to explain. In fact, it is not the same people who cannot understand and identify each other. It is normal for people to have misunderstandings. I’m also sorry for the people who hate me, after all, they’re going to waste their life’s time and energy hating someone they don’t know, which is embarrassing. But luckily, more people like me.

But I think, in fact, everyone has their own way of looking at people. Some are taken out of context and some are hearsay. In fact, very few people can understand themselves, let alone others. Basically, people cannot understand people and things beyond their own experience and three views.

Today, I will talk about why I am willing to trust them. Several of them are related to me, and some are just my unilateral liking. I am a person who agrees on the surface and will only interact with people who I admire and recognize. The people I follow are big V , There is also a little transparency, but the feeling of liking is the same, it is sincere. I’m not even a slick person, I’m not a businessman at all.

First of all, @Cangyoujia is wrong-Liu Chenggang , I observed his details:

1. He has always performed well in his previous work and has received good returns;

This shows that he has always been hardworking, capable and good-natured.

2. He is never boring, he only speaks useful words and only sees useful information;

This shows that he is pragmatic and pays attention to efficiency and saves his time and energy.

3. He has engaged in investment work in the primary market;

This shows that his knowledge and understanding of business will be stronger than most people.

4. He loves his family and often returns to his hometown to visit his family;

This shows that he has a sense of responsibility.

5. He has a lot of money, but he never shows off his wealth;

This shows that he is not vain and flashy, simple and authentic.

6. He exercises and has requirements for the details of life;

This shows that he has a long-term, clear and rational plan for his life and put it into practice.

7. He plays games and is an equipment party

This shows that his needs for life are relatively simple, relatively pure, and very technical.

8. In addition, I feel that his three views are very positive

Although Mr. Cang’s net worth of products is currently negative, compared to the recent situation of China Concept Stocks, I personally think his results are quite good. In the case of long-term investment, buying his products will not make me sleepless and afraid. Vote for confidence!


Teacher Quan doesn’t talk much, I mainly feel him by reading his books. The “The Most Difficult Thing About Investing” written by him is very pleasant to read, and I can feel his truth-seeking, generosity and professionalism from the style of writing. In addition, his private equity products only charge 10% of the performance commission. After more than 5 years of establishment, he has also achieved excellent results of 17% annualized, and the after-fee income is very good. Therefore, this sense of trust is relatively easy to judge and more obvious.


Fan always contacts more people in private. The details I have observed are:

1. He spends a lot of time researching the company every day, every day and weekends;

It shows that he is a hard-working person and thinks that investing is a difficult task, which is the awareness that fund managers should have.

2. His assessment of himself is more rational. When the performance is booming, he said that this is a bull market for him, and he must take the opportunity to make more money;

It means that he will not be self-inflated when his performance is good, and his personality is stable. Such a person will continue to work calmly and will not panic when his performance is not good. Everything is a positive and negative effect.

3. All his own investable money is invested in the fund

It shows that he is wholeheartedly devoted, advancing and retreating together, and it is for sincerity.

4. He loves his family very much, loves his daughter, loves his wife, and is planning a more comfortable life for his wife to leave work and no longer work.

People who love their family are of good character, and it is not easy to do bad things.

5. He was very friendly to me and helped me a lot in reality. He didn’t help me with some things, which was very difficult for me at the time. So thank you very much, I always answer any questions I have.

So I cast a vote of confidence and wait for him when the wind blows.

@ice_China Merchants Bank Guzidi

He didn’t release the product, and I heard that he didn’t plan to release it, but I also talked about how I observed him.

1. He has done everything he said. For example, the article grabbing the sand prize for one yuan lasted for N years. For example, a few articles a week have been done for N years. For example, if you want to lose weight, you have done it. Arrived, such as writing a book, did it.

Explain that he will do what he says and what he does. (Although there are few words, there are very few such people in the world, and I personally admire them a lot)

2. His family conditions are good, but he is very stingy with himself and often eats cheap working meals.

It shows that his heart is simple, his desires are low, and he is restrained.

3. According to his living requirements, he is already financially free and his income is diversified, but he is still a migrant worker who goes out at six or seven every day.

It shows that he cherished every penny, made pessimistic expectations and made the best efforts to life, and often the results were good.

4. He is very good to his family. His wife and son are excellent in their respective fields.

In my case, being good to my family is a plus, and many people can earn money. There are not many people who have a double harvest of family and business.

5. As an online platform player, he has shortcomings and often shows his personality publicly, which is misunderstood;

People with shortcomings may not be comfortable, but at least they are real. It’s even more disturbing to be able to meet sources everywhere. Many people have great opinions on his blocking, but in fact, they just want to eliminate noise and focus on their own affairs. But the logic of many people is that I can be unfriendly to you, but if you block me, it means that you are small-minded and have no pattern. But from your standpoint, this matter is 1VS1, but people only have so many hours to wake up in a day, 1VS1000. Here’s a piece of advice: don’t look too high on yourself, and don’t look too low on others. You are not the sun and the world does not revolve around you. There are too many negative opinions, and the mental exhaustion of the big V is very serious. He blocked it just because he felt that he couldn’t consume it, so he spoke softly if he didn’t want to be blocked.

6. His long-term performance is really good

Maybe there are very few talented and lucky players in the market, 10 times in 1 year, 100 times in 2 years, and 1000 times in 3 years, but that kind of person has nothing to do with us and cannot be learned. Most people can have their own network and have their own investment beliefs, that’s fine. No net can catch all the fish, but stick to your own net and you will surely catch the fish you want.

7. He is very low-key, and the Internet and life are clearly separated. Colleagues at work do not know that he is so popular and famous on the Internet.

People who can keep their mouths and their vanity in check are ruthless and can be trusted.

There is a very important and difficult skill in life [shut your mouth]

Although I have mutual relations with him, we usually don’t talk much, and I don’t read his articles very much, and I rarely give him any rewards. But he’s someone I’d definitely tick off.


In fact, there is not much interaction, and I don’t read many articles (because we do not need individual stock analysis for quantification), but I bought his book. I think he sees things very sharply and can grasp the main points. The ability to express is also a must, and the financial analysis book written is easy to understand and easy to remember. So I am very confident in his personal ability, because without a certain brain, knowledge reserve, practice, and most importantly, spirituality, things cannot be done to this level (although I have no ability, but my eyesight is very good ).

He is a very spiritual person.

But to what extent the spirit is, maybe we can look forward to the results of his release of products to verify in the future. But his stock selection ability must be far beyond mine. To buy a product is to buy someone bigger than you hope to save your energy and time. Personally, I think Chu Shanjun should be involved in this industry, otherwise it would be a pity. @Snowball Private Please don’t let him go!

@Flying knife orangutan all law empty

Finally, let’s talk about the stars

1. Her garden is well maintained. I watched her garden from turning the soil to improve the soil quality to now flourishing.

It shows that she loves life, and people who can plant flowers well must be patient, loving, capable, serious and persistent.

2. She reads a lot, and the books she reads are quite deep and wide;

It shows that she is very interested in knowledge and has sufficient knowledge reserves.

3. She never cares how others harass her and make fun of her;

It shows that she has a big heart, has real self-confidence, and will not be troubled by other people’s words.

4. Emotional stability in times of adversity

Her product is 3.9 years old and has seen a 33% drawdown in a few months of 2021. This year was particularly good, ranking 488 out of 20,943 products. For a fund manager, a 33% drawdown is a bit severe, and I’d definitely cry a few times relative to me. But she was stable, at least from what she said, nothing unusual. This kind of stability continued until this year when the products performed well. Brother Crab and I have also discussed her products. Brother Crab’s evaluation is: She is someone who sticks to herself, and those who stick to her will gain something. Investing is the most avoidable grass, and slaps the face at both ends.

5. Her cats and dogs are very happy. She looks at cats and dogs in almost the same way as she looks at humans. Maybe she looks higher.

6. I understand her sharpness, and I have also experienced her tenderness and friendliness in reality. Each of us has our own problems to solve in life, and so do the stars. Sharpness is not necessarily a kind of hostility, it may also be a kind of laziness. Too lazy to agree, too lazy to take care of, too lazy to be soft, because it doesn’t matter at all.

She is a very empty person, but also a very real person.


The people I write only represent where my eyes are. In fact, not all of the above are written. I believe that there must be other people who are equally trustworthy on Snowball, but maybe I haven’t seen it, and I haven’t had the opportunity to seriously experience it. Because my energy is also limited.

Many people laugh at fund managers trustworthy? I think in the future, it will be an inevitable trend for the funds to be handed over to professional people, because one’s energy is really limited. When everyone starts to realize that the free time is more precious, they realize that they are just as fierce as speculation. When more auspicious and lesser, this is inevitable.

All of the above are personal opinions and personal perspectives, and may not be of reference value. It just shows that I trust everyone is not casual, it comes from my daily careful observation, and it does not depend on their attitude towards me.

Usually, people on the Internet will say that Brother Crab is very good, saying that I have found a good man, who has the ability to make money and is dedicated. Although there are many shortcomings, I can only say that the overall is really good. At least I never worry that I can’t live in a big house, I don’t have to go out to work, I don’t have to worry that my family can’t bear the storm in the future, I don’t have to worry that my child will have trouble starting a family because he doesn’t have a house, and I don’t have to worry that he will go out and do things. But in fact, Brother Crab’s appearance is very confusing. When it comes to the marriage market, most women actually look down on him. It’s like a garbage bag wrapped in a bag of gold bars. It looks pretty garbage, but it’s actually a long-term good ticket with low valuation and high growth.


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