The Diary of Closing the City (2) Some Fragments of the Troubled War

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If March is just an atmosphere where the mountains and rains are coming, April is the collapse of the building. The closed life that everyone thought would end in just three or five days has continued to this day. In the first few days, everyone still had leisure to watch concerts and movies online. On April 1, Leslie Cheung was regularly commemorated. At the beginning, I didn’t worry about the lack of supplies, and I was able to joke with my friends. I bought a dozen pieces of steak, and at first I thought it could be eaten as a staple food. Later, I began to think that this thing is also a scarce thing, and it will not starve to death after being locked at home for a long time, but it is true that it is not good to eat. Make milk tea at home. When I asked the neighborhood committee what to do if they ran out of rice, the neighborhood committee said they bought it online. Such nonsense nonsense. The question means that the community does not deliver food, nor does the neighborhood committee organize a group buying group. Everyone is more anxious. Some communities can do group purchases by themselves, but things are expensive and hard to buy. Others simply can’t get the number of people who can get the group purchases. I inquired with my colleagues and joined a community group buying, selling 20 eggs for 60 yuan. There are colleagues and friends around in Jiading, Xuhui, Pudong, and Nanhui. Generally speaking, they belong to middle-income or even upper-income people, so I think it may be one-sided that I don’t see starvation. I don’t know those people at the very bottom. Is it also possible to buy or say something. The government sent dishes, as if seeing a pot of curry ingredients, but I don’t have curry powder. By mid-April, colleagues in the group could no longer hold back. Some people had been blocked for about a month. This time in Shanghai, there were inexplicable chaos and countless conspiracy theories. Maybe it was the lack of government governance capacity, maybe it was for a certain Some political reasons, who knows. Buy a bag of rice. There was only one coffee capsule left, and I was reluctant to drink it. It was very painful. Colleagues said that the eggs were stolen from the door, and they no longer believed in human nature. Sent two cucumbers to the aunt on the first floor. The old couple had underlying diseases and asked the neighborhood committee how to buy medicine in the WeChat group in the morning. No health insurance. The community continues to be diagnosed. One of the daily quarrels in the community, some of them in Building 30 in the back do not want to go downstairs to do nucleic acid testing, saying that someone in the building has been diagnosed, but the corridor is not disinfected, and nucleic acid personnel are required to go up. Reasonable request, but not implemented. Many of the demands of Shanghai people are reasonable, but other places feel hypocritical because they gave up earlier. That is, the whole country can, why can’t you in Shanghai. The second part of the daily quarrel in the community is that nucleic acid monitoring and volunteers are unhappy. How can the neighborhood committee, who even counts the number of people doing nucleic acid, make mistakes in managing the distribution of materials? 900 people reported the actual nucleic acid of 1,100 people. If there are not enough inspection tubes, an on-site application is required, causing the nucleic acid personnel and volunteers to get off work delays (the authenticity is doubtful). In the closed days, I forgot what day did you leave me? April 8th, April 10th… It’s been more than 20 years, and I rarely think of you anymore. Some bad news: Five potatoes sprouted. Some people criticize that some people return to their own little world in a cynic surrender style, do nothing but cook and cook, and deal with life with minimal energy consumption. Become a dead spot in the web of life. What else? 2019 has a saying… 2019 may be the worst year of the past decade, but it will be the best year of the next decade. I didn’t believe it at the time, but now I think it’s just a prophecy of God. Decided to start journaling and Weibo again. But I can’t write what it really feels like, because I think the world is so absurd, and every day there is a futile struggle between Don Quixote and a windmill. “Everything that’s solid melts away.” That’s probably a generation of PTSD.

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