The discomfort of returning

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The server was ten days in arrears, and when the bricklayer sent me a fourth email I realized something else besides this problem: I hadn’t updated my blog for a long time .

Not only the blog, but also my personal homepage has not been managed for a long time, and even some content has been invalidated. After a bit of fiddling, I found that I had forgotten what I typed at the time. After a few operations, I put the fake Static is blown up. I’m too lazy to care, I just deleted the home page and replaced it with a text that I didn’t even bother to add css – Be right back =)

I will probably find time to rewrite a homepage, but I want to write a new theme. Well, yes, that Windbell theme that you haven’t seen is really not written by Mao. I flipped through the previous articles and found that I had written this sentence:

Even though I haven’t finished Windbell, the concept and feel of it in my head is completely new, and it entices me to continue sketching what it looks like.

Nonsence, I’m thinking about the next one without ticking anything out, you scumbag.

If I think about it carefully, my productivity has not been as good as it used to be in the past year or two. The blog is not updated, the theme is not written, the bug is not fixed, and I have not even done much about digging holes, which I used to be very passionate about. Having said that, I actually have a lot of new ideas in my head during this time, but I just haven’t put them into practice (INFP-specific daydreaming).

The reason is probably due to being busy with school. Before the second week of MaxKim’s Minecraft server, I had a blast and even built a town. After the third week of the game, I went up and built a house. prostituted the elytra of the town members , and then never went online. I don’t even have time to play games.

But further, I don’t know if it’s a matter of time, but the “discomfort of returning” I mentioned in the title. This biased phrase (I wanted to write “this sentence” but felt it was wrong, like changing it to “this word” but not strictly speaking, and then just wrote it) may be a bit difficult to understand, for example: recently I When I had time, I went to MaxKim’s server to play, and found that the town was full of people I didn’t know, and then I didn’t know what was going on in the town recently, so I went online for a while and felt bored. The same is true for other things. If you give up doing one thing, even if it is something you once loved, you will feel confused and at a loss if you touch it after a long time.

I really want to write a new theme, but looking at the interface of vscode, it is so familiar and yet so unfamiliar.

I really wanted to rewrite the homepage, but when I saw the phrase “Be right back =) I left, I suddenly lost my mind.

I really want to update the blog, so I don’t know what to write, and I wrote down my bad mood at this moment.

On the contrary, fresh ideas attract me more. For example, I was watching the backrooms series recently, and suddenly I wanted to make a wiki-like website, and find some friends to write about the world together. After I had this idea, I was very motivated, but I had to organize my blog first, so that when I was doing the work of updating the ssl certificate, choosing the theme, and modifying the theme, I was very impatient, and I was thinking about it all in my head. What to do with that website.

But I am a person with some kind of strange mental cleanliness. I am not satisfied with the theme I chose for a long time. After some revisions, I still want to write a new theme. But the good news is that I also have a fresh idea for the new topic, which will be left for the next article (new pit warning).

I think this feeling of powerlessness that jumps left and right between the “need for return” and the “attraction of freshness”, which is difficult to balance, is what I call “the discomfort of returning.”

To get out of this discomfort, you need to create more freshness and let this freshness drive yourself to “return”.

For example, I don’t want to play MaxKim’s server because I can’t experience the feeling of the original mayor in the original town, and I don’t know what to do, then I can secretly run to a place where no one is around and build a new town, giving It’s a new name, building a different style of buildings, so that I’ll feel motivated to “play MaxKim” servers because of the “build a new town” thing.

Look at my current state: I don’t want to continue writing new themes, but I have a new theme idea, so I am motivated to write another theme; I feel powerless to do a website, but I want to write backrooms That worldview, so I’m motivated to build a website to write worldviews with others; I can’t gain weight anymore, but I like to eat, so I can try to make myself like lower-calorie foods, so I can Maintain your weight while eating.

It can be seen that if you want to alleviate the “uncomfortable feeling of returning”, you need to direct or indirectly point the “new attraction” to the “returning need”, so that you are interested in what you need to do instead of forcing yourself. To sublimate it again: in order to do and do something well, you need to develop an interest in it.

To give another example, I didn’t want to write this article, but I wanted to share my thoughts on writing new topics and worldviews, so I wrote them into a blog post, and I also sublimated in the process of writing Comes to a truth, even though I never thought about it when I was writing this.

It can be seen that if there is something you do not want to do but need to do, you must find interest and do it well, because not only you need to complete it, but also because you can get some unexpected gains from it.

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