The domestic animation “New Go Boys” announced the trailer, which is expected to be broadcast in the summer. What are your expectations?

Thanks to the editor of Zhihu for the invitation to answer the 52*20-minute CCTV animation blockbuster “New Go Boys” that will be broadcast during the summer vacation of 2022.

After 17 years of waiting, “New Go Boys” is finally about to meet all the friends who like “Go Boys” again. As a screenwriter, I am both excited and apprehensive. Seventeen years later, in the summer, can Jiang Liuer and Fang Baihua still attract current fans to like Jiang Liuer and Fang Baihua? Seventeen years later, “New Go Boys” can still make the old “Go Boys” fans recognize this film again?

“New Go Boy” is the best animation script I have written so far. After 17 years of honing my script writing skills, now my script writing skills and ability have far surpassed the first time I wrote it. The level of “Go Boys”. At the same time, various platforms have relaxed the age scale of cartoon audiences, which also allows CCTV to have a certain broad range of age positioning for the audience of “New Go Boys”. Therefore, when I wrote the script of “New Go Boys”, some emotional scenes full of youthful atmosphere in the play could be written with a certain amount of hands and feet. The more subtle and timid plots written in the past can be written in a more open form this time. It also makes this “New Go Boy” more popular with young audiences this summer.

Thanks to CCTV Animation and Director Ma Fengqing, this time it gave me a very relaxed creative environment, allowing me to let go of my hands and feet to write “New Go Boys” in my heart.

Writing characters is what I am good at, so there will be many characters with different personalities in “New Go Boys” that will be loved by the audience this summer.

This summer is a summer that every fan who likes “New Go Boys” should look forward to and pay attention to. “New Go Boys” will make you laugh, move you, make you feel a lot, and make you linger.

I believe, “New Go Boys” will make you spend a very wonderful summer.

In addition to the ups and downs of “New Go Boys”, the rich characters, and the intense Go game, I recommend fans to pay attention to the music of this play. This time the music is very good, and the music as a whole pushed our plot to the next level. a very high height. You will feel the excellent rendering of the plot and the emotions of the characters in this music.

Finally, let us look forward to 2022, a wonderful summer that belongs to you and the cartoon “New Go Boys”. thanks for your support! ! !

“New Go Boy” screenwriter Sun Xiaosong

April 25, 2022

Source: Zhihu

Author: Demon King

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