The five-point expected difference in the education industry

After the double reduction, the education industry is basically an unpopular industry

But when everyone doesn’t watch it, it’s a place worth studying. The so-called poor expectation is that you study what others are unwilling to study. Here are some points that I personally think are important after the research:

One difference in expectations: At the beginning of the double reduction, most investors believed that after the disappearance of subject education, the market for quality education was small and meaningless. But in fact, the original market space of extra-disciplinary education is suppressed by subject education. After the suppression disappears, the market for extra-disciplinary education is gradually picking up, which is the substitute effect.

Expectation difference two: the limitations of quality education subjects. The quality education that everyone understands is nothing more than art, music and sports. But in fact, literacy education is on the rise. Including thinking class, Chinese ancient poetry, English script, scientific experiment (physics, chemical and biological interest experiments) and so on. These courses are getting more and more parents’ attention and students’ love.

Expectation difference three: In the context of the substantial reduction in advertising investment in the education industry, profitability has gradually emerged, and the industry has developed in an orderly manner. The background that everyone invests less in advertising is very similar to Marlboro cigarettes after the ban on cigarette advertising. Educational enterprises with historical brand effects are expected to receive natural traffic from their famous names in the future.

Expectation difference 4: The market of intelligent teaching aids and teaching aids is developing rapidly. In the future, companies with advantages in teachers and teaching content can realize their profits through the teaching aids and teaching aids market. For example, iFLYTEK’s learning machine can be purchased for 3k-5k, and the New Oriental ok machine also has various recharge functions similar to saas for the school year. The future development of this market is also worthy of attention.

Expectation difference 5: The reform direction of the senior high school entrance examination will no longer take the idea of ​​difficult and strange questions, but emphasize the flexible use of knowledge points, the question types are more flexible, and some local subjects even add aesthetic education subjects. In the past, rote memorization, the way of brushing questions will become narrower and narrower. In the long run, the building of bottom-level literacy will become more and more important. Over time, I believe that parents will gradually pay attention to the cultivation of students’ literacy after examinations. Will this be a new demand for literacy education in the future? can continue to observe.

Conclusion: Tian Xingjian, gentleman self-improvement. Education is not an industry that will disappear. Because people always have to learn. Give education some time.

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