The flow of stock ETF funds is differentiated: some new energy categories are rising and selling, and pharmaceuticals are attracting gold against the market


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 According to the Titanium Media App on August 27, as of August 26, the share of stock ETFs in the entire market has increased by 63.455 billion since July. From the perspective of capital flow, although the overall performance of some sectors was not good during the year, it did not hinder the continuous influx of funds. For example, the share of some pharmaceutical-themed ETFs increased significantly; while some top-performing new energy-themed ETFs experienced capital outflows. . Analysts believe that the pharmaceutical industry has fallen significantly, the proportion of public offerings is at a historically low level, and the margin of safety is high. The continuous influx of funds obtained by pharmaceutical ETFs may be because investors judge that the pharmaceutical and biological industry shows the characteristics of the bottom, so they choose to increase positions on dips. (Source: Yicai)

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