The “Global Technology Supply and Demand Docking Platform” was launched in Shanghai, with over 2,000 needs online


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 Titanium Media App reported on August 27 that the 2022 Pujiang Innovation Forum opened in Shanghai. The "Global Technology Supply and Demand Docking Platform", which aims to gather global innovation resources and solve the innovation needs of enterprises, was officially launched at the opening ceremony. The data shows that in the two months of trial operation, the platform has connected more than 4 million technology-based enterprises around the world, and has reserved 13 million technical keywords, 940,000 domestic scientific and technological achievements and more than 8 million European and American achievements data. Published more than 2000 enterprise requirements. At present, the company's intentional investment in technological innovation on the platform has reached 3.789 billion yuan, and 70 cross-regional cooperation projects have been promoted, with an intentional contract amount of nearly 300 million yuan.

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