The impact and difference of Google IP on Google Pay US and Google Support/Helper, as well as Google customer service contact information and working hours

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Google IP 对 Google Pay US和Google Support/Helper 的影响和差异以及谷歌客服联系方式和工作时间


Sending an abnormally flagged IP today (such as sending back a Chinese address) may have more than a cosmetic impact on Google services

Previously known effects are

  1. Youtube’s resource lock area, no membership (picture-in-picture/Music), no ads, background playback
  2. Google search skip HK, default safe search
  3. Google Scholar may not be available
  4. CN problem with Google Translate
  5. 400 for maps/timeline
  6. Newly registered Google account, default +86
  7. Google Voice Transfer

This time I found a few more problems

  1. Goolge Pay (US) may be abnormal when making payment (for example, this time when I withdraw money from my bank account to Google Pay balance, an error is reported)
  2. Google Support cannot contact customer service to automatically jump to manual labor (for example, when I contact the customer service of Google Pay US this time, it will jump to the home page, and will not initiate other requests. Of course, other problems may not be affected)

Google Pay US problem

I get an error when I withdraw money from my bank account to my Google Pay balance. At first I thought my account was blocked again.

Prompt Some thing went wrong and cannot complete the transaction. Changed several bank accounts.

In the end, it was found that it was an IP problem, and it was enough to change to a US IP. Because I thought the account was blocked, I looked for customer service there, and found that I could not find customer service, only to find out that this is the reason


Google Support exception

For example

If the abnormal IP is opened, it will jump to the home page of the document

If it is other documents, the abnormal IP does not display get help

Compare the picture, in addition, this has nothing to do with language, it is already English



How and when Google can contact customer service

Just happened to come to Google customer service, let me say this by the way

First support center is this

If you are a Goolge Pay US user, you can quickly initiate

You can also initiate a request at the Contact US at the bottom of each document, and Google still provides a lot of contact information.

The process of initiating a request is shown in the figure



Then you can see there are live chats, emails, google calling you, your calling google is currently greyed out


Then there is also a schedule here.


It can be seen that there is online chat from 12:00 noon to 12:00 pm China Standard Time

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