The integration of nature and man, the integration of things and me, the practice of site upgrade Progressive Web Apps PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

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PWA (Progressive webapps, Progressive Web Apps) uses modern Web APIs and traditional progressive enhancement strategies to create cross-platform Web applications. To put it bluntly, PWA can make our site run as a native APP, but compared to installing native APP application, it is obviously easier and faster to access the PWA, and you can also share the PWA application through a link. There are many well-known network platforms that have implemented PWA solutions, such as Twitter. Choose an enhanced website experience instead of a native app. In fact, the use of PWA does get obvious benefits from it. There are many case studies shared on the website Compared with traditional applications, PWAs have the following advantages: 1. Reduce the loading time after application installation, and use ServiceWorkers to…

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