The latest developments in the trading suspension of US stocks! NYSE exec: Forgot to turn off backup site

Local time on Wednesday (January 25), New York Stock Exchange President Lynn Martin and other executives told the media that the abnormal suspension of trading in the US stock market on Tuesday was indeed caused by human error. Shortly after the US stock market opened on Tuesday (January 24), many stocks on the New York Stock Exchange were temporarily suspended due to abnormal fluctuations in pre-market trading, including some large blue chips. According to Martin and other executives, on Monday night local time, the New York Stock Exchange performed routine maintenance on the software of the Chicago site, but the backup site, which was supposed to be closed, was still running until Tuesday’s opening. | Related reading (Financial Association)


The accident that happened on the New York Stock Exchange a few days ago was very eye-catching. After it was initially judged to be a technical failure, according to rough statistics, at least 40 stocks were affected by this technical failure and led to the suspension of trading, and they were all from various industries. industry giants. Although technical failures are unavoidable, everyone still hopes to find the reason. However, after investigation, it was confirmed that this was a big oolong. It was not a technical failure at all. People find it pity and funny.

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