Will XBB and BQ.1 strains trigger another infection peak? experts say so

According to the People’s Daily health client news, this spring, will the XBB and BQ.1 strains that are prevalent in other countries be prevalent in our country, triggering another infection peak? Li Tong, chief physician of the Respiratory and Infectious Diseases Department of Beijing You’an Hospital, said in an interview on January 25 that with the liberalization of my country’s entry and exit policies, there may be more local people infected with BQ.1 and XBB strains in the future. However, on the whole, the possibility of these two strains appearing in the first half of this year is relatively small. | Related reading (Beijing News)

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Almost two months after the release, it seems that the first wave of infection peaks has passed everywhere, but what everyone is more concerned about is that the new coronavirus mutates so fast now that the antibodies left by the previously infected strains, Whether it can withstand new variants. Especially XBB, which has become a mainstream strain in foreign countries, and “Delta Kron”, which is emerging now. The conclusions of various experts seem to be inconsistent, which may indicate that there is still no definite conclusion on the study of immune escape of XBB. However, from my surroundings, although XBB was confirmed to have spread in many cities in China before it was confirmed, but recently everyone traveled home to visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, and it seems that they have not heard of secondary infections around them. Perhaps the antibodies produced by previous infections are indeed true. It also has certain protection against new strains.

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