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Zibll theme is specially developed for reading websites, with simple and elegant design and comprehensive functions. The UI interface is modular, with multiple layouts and multiple display effects to choose from. It is highly liberalized, making it easier to match your favorite website. Support paid reading, paid download, paid video payment function and perfect user VIP membership system plus powerful modular editor tools to provide powerful productivity for webmasters. The overall development concept revolves around the reading experience, reducing bells and whistles, and focusing on the content. The layout, spacing, and functions of the pages are carefully designed to make page browsing more natural, easier for users to read, and easier for authors to write.

Zibll sub ratio theme



  • Added card password recharge function
  • Added invitation code registration function
  • Adding a third-party account After logging in for the first time, the user can choose to bind or create a new account page and function options
  • Added WeChat official account template message push function
  • Added seo search engine image crawling optimization function
  • Added the function of automatically adding .html suffix to forum link URL

  • Optimize the display style of the third-party social account login error page, which is more beautiful and in line with the overall style

  • Optimize the post list module, when only the current section content is displayed, it can also be displayed on the post page
  • Optimize the content summary display logic in the forum post list to avoid redundant blank lines
  • When there is a new comment to notify the author, the IP address will not be displayed if the author is not an administrator
  • Optimize the email notification logic for administrators, and now send corresponding emails to all administrators
  • Optimize the recording method of the user’s last login time, and adjust it to record the time of the first login to the website every day
  • Optimize the PC scan code payment interface may be unclear
  • Optimize the shadow effect of the graphic cover module, and have a better display effect when adding transparent images
  • Fix the bug that the automatic page-turning function of comment AJAX does not work
  • Fix the bug that the automatically obtained list thumbnails may be inconsistent with the actual content in rare cases
  • Fixed the bug that the effective payment amount in the background commodity statistics was less than the balance recharge
  • Fixed a bug that misplaced when there were too many paid download product attributes
  • Fix the bug that the sorting method of the classification part of the community forum section is invalid

Zibll sub-themed backend

Zibll subbi theme homepage

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