The Ministry of Finance urgently arranged a central reserve fund of 10 billion yuan to fight drought and ensure autumn crops


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In response to the impact of drought in the Sichuan Basin, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and other regions on people’s lives and agricultural production since July this year, the Ministry of Finance today urgently arranged 10 billion yuan in agricultural production and water conservancy disaster relief funds through central reserve funds to fully support local governments Work related to drought relief, autumn grain disaster prevention and stabilization, and ensuring the safety of drinking water for the masses. Specifically, the first is to arrange water conservancy and drought relief funds of 6.5 billion yuan to support the disaster-stricken areas to carry out water conservancy water diversion, increase the drilling of machine wells, build drought-relief water sources needed for disaster relief, and focus on ensuring drinking water for the masses and agricultural irrigation water. The autumn grain production fund of 3.5 billion yuan is mainly used to support the disaster-stricken farmers to purchase fuel, pesticides, seeds and other materials needed for agricultural production recovery; Subsidies are given to drought-resistant mixed chemicals to prevent the development and spread of drought, ensure a stable and bumper harvest of autumn grains, and provide strong support for ensuring national food security. (CCTV News)
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