The mobile game “Wandering Earth” is coming, and the developer is questioning the Internet by players

Recently, the game manufacturer Sanburo Network announced that the “Wandering Earth Mobile Game”, which is exclusively authorized by Liu Cixin and Guo Fan’s studio, has opened an appointment. A large number of viewers who have just watched the movie “The Wandering Earth 2” gathered in the comment area to express their expectations. However, within the player community, most people expressed their dislike. Especially under the premise that “The Wandering Earth Mobile Game” is very likely to be a sci-fi theme war strategy game product, there are not a few players who worry about the quality of the finished game and problems such as forced krypton. As of 6:00 p.m. on January 30, its rating on the player community TapTap was only 5.9 points, and 6,273 people made reservations. | Related reading (Times Finance)

Chu Lanlan

Because the games are well done, many of them have sold well after being turned into movies, and the familiar ones include “Resident Evil” and “Tomb Raider”. But on the other hand, there are almost no successful cases when the movie is changed to a game after it looks good.

In the early years, after the “Harry Potter”, “Spiderman” and “Lord of the Rings” movies became popular, some foreign game companies changed them into movies, but they were coldly received by the market, and consumers were more willing to choose Big production game with original IP. So even for a big company like Marvel, there are only a few movie-adapted games such as Iron Man and Captain America, but the market is said to be poor.

The IP of “The Wandering Earth” was very successful in the movie, but I feel that it is too early to adapt the game. For example, blowing up a mentally handicapped game on a certain planet on the mobile phone, I personally feel that there is no playability. The scene and the soundtrack are completely different. It is a bit too eager for quick success, so you have to take your time to reap the harvest.

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