The new national standard for liquor will be implemented next month. These “baijiu” can no longer be called liquor

Zhongxin Finance, May 18 (Zuo Yuqing) As the new national standard for liquor will be officially implemented on June 1, flavored liquor will be excluded from the classification of liquor. Recently, some media reported that low-end liquor brands will be affected, and Niulanshan Erguotou will also be delisted from liquor. What is the real situation?

Flavored liquor removed from liquor classification

In May 2021, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued two national standards, “Liquor Industry Terminology” and “Beverage Liquor Terminology and Classification”, which are regarded as “new national standards” for liquor and will be officially implemented on June 1, 2022.

The new standard clarifies the definition of “liquor”, that is, “grain as the main raw material, Daqu, Xiaoqu, bran koji, enzymes and yeast as saccharification starter, after cooking, saccharification, fermentation, distillation, aging, blending. distilled spirits.”

Flavored liquor is defined as: “a liquor-like liquor prepared with solid-state liquor, liquid liquor, solid-liquid liquor or edible alcohol as the base, and with the addition of food additives.”

Data map: The brewer is doing the first process of ancient brewing – soaking rice. Photo by Wang Lei

After the promulgation of the new standard, the use of non-grain edible alcohol and food additives will be clarified for liquid method liquor and solid-liquid method liquor. In other words, only pure grain wines meet the definition of “white wine”. This also means that flavored liquors that use food additives are excluded from the liquor classification.

“Actually, the concept of liquor in the new standard is narrower, and it is more in line with the real concept of liquor in the minds of consumers.” Liquor industry analyst Cai Xuefei believes that the new national standard has clarified the vague area in the previous concept of liquor, which is very important for regulating enterprises. Production, especially brewing technical standards, raw grain procurement, etc., as well as product labeling and corporate publicity, are of positive significance.

“While restricting and improving the liquor category, it is also conducive to the standardized propaganda of liquor, and combats the ‘blending door’ and ‘alcohol door’, thereby promoting the quality improvement of the liquor industry and promoting the intensive development of the industry.”

Niulanshan Erguotou is no longer liquor?

At present, those on the market that meet the definition of “flavored liquor” (prepared liquor in the style of liquor) include Niulanshan aged liquor, Jiannanchun Mianzhu Daqu, Luzhou Laojiao Laojiao Shijia Boutique, Lao Village Chief Xiangmantang and many other well-known brands. . As a result, some media reported that “Niulanshan White Bottle Erguotou” will no longer belong to the scope of liquor.

In this regard, Zhongxin Finance has repeatedly called the Niulanshan Marketing Department, but has not received a response. However, industry insiders pointed out to Zhongxin Finance that Niulanshan Erguotou will be “delisted” by liquor, which is a misunderstanding of the product.

“Actually, Niulanshan’s aging series does not belong to Erguotou, and Niulanshan itself also makes a clear distinction between aged liquor and Erguotou.” He believes that Niulanshan Erguotou is relatively famous, so there are often merchants on e-commerce platforms that describe aged liquor. Liquor was written as Erguotou to increase sales.

The ingredient list of Niulanshan 500ml aged liquor.

Zhongxin Finance noticed that the 500ml Niulanshan aged liquor commonly known as “Bai Niu Er” did not have the “Erguotou” label on the package, and the ingredient list clearly stated that it contained edible spices. The 500ml Daerguotou (commonly known as “Green Niu Er”) clearly marked with the word “Erguotou” contains water, sorghum, barley, wheat, and peas in the ingredient list, which is a fragrant liquor.

Niulanshan Erguotou ingredient list.

“The aging series is only a branch of the Niulanshan liquor series, and the proportion is not very high.” The industry believes that the introduction of the new national standard for liquor has little impact on the Niulanshan Erguotou series.

Where is the wine preparation going?

When the new national standard for liquor redefines liquor, what impact will it have on the industry? While the entry threshold for liquor is increasing, what should the low-end brands that focus on preparing liquor do?

“For high-end liquor, the greatest value of the new national standard lies in the level of consumption guidance.” Cai Xuefei believes that the new national standard affirms the brewing process of high-end liquor and gives high added value to high standards, which will further accelerate the upgrading of the entire Chinese liquor product structure. Promote the development of quality consumption in the entire Chinese wine industry.

Data map: A supermarket liquor area in Fengtai District, Beijing. Photo by China News Service reporter Xie Yiguan

The low-end brands that focus on prepared wine will be hit to a certain extent. “The new national standard clarifies the existing concept that baijiu is grain wine. To a certain extent, it has hit non-rational cash crops for brewing, which is equivalent to increasing the cost of grain procurement and production technology for low-end wine in disguise, which may increase the cost of low-end wine. operating difficulties.”

At the same time, Cai Xuefei said that there are still many advantages in the health and liqueurization of foreign wine and national wine. “Its main body is the base wine, and its role is irreplaceable.”

“The change of the new national standard has little impact on the sales of flavored wine.” Some industry insiders believe that “the main brand of this type of wine is low price, good taste, and big brands. For the existing audience, its original consumption will not change. “

In addition, the flavored wines that have been “kicked out” of the liquor ranks will soon have their own group standards.

According to the website of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association, the association has publicly solicited opinions for the group standard of “Fragrant Liquor” in April this year, in order to fill in the lack of product standards for flavored liquor, promote the improvement of the standard system for beverages, improve product quality, and promote beverages The healthy development of the wine industry. (Finish)

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