The number of JD PLUS members exceeded 30 million


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Pinwan, August 22, announced that as of July 2022, the number of PLUS members has exceeded 30 million. Since the number of members exceeded 25 million at the end of last year, the number of members of JD PLUS has increased by 5 million in 7 months, and the growth rate has reached a record high.

According to reports, during this year’s 618, PLUS members accounted for nearly 50% of all new product transaction users. In the “Samsung PLUS Membership Day” event in March, Samsung’s “high-end phones” and new products were obviously favored by PLUS members. PLUS members accounted for 50% to 90% of the sales of over 90% of the single product sales of more than 5,000 yuan. %, PLUS members play an absolute leading role in the sales of high-end products.

Data shows that 80% of JD PLUS members are family users, behind which are hundreds of millions of family members’ “food, clothing, housing and transportation”. Since the beginning of this year, the “360 yuan freight coupon for the whole year” has saved nearly 1.8 billion yuan in freight for PLUS members. The co-branded card has saved PLUS members a total of 1.18 billion yuan in fees. The 24-hour online “PLUS member exclusive customer service” has served more than 30 million people. PLUS members have received more than 65.25 million “Life Privileges” in total.

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