The old-fashioned screenshot tool PicPick has been updated, adding screen recording function and supporting MP4/GIF format

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The old-fashioned multi-function screenshot tool PicPick released version v6.2.1 on June 27, adding a new screen recording function, supporting saving as MP4 or GIF animation format, supporting microphone or system sound, and easy to use. @Appinn

老牌截图工具 PicPick 更新,新增录屏功能,支持 MP4/GIF 格式

PicPick adds screen recording function

PicPick’s screen recording function has a neat toolbar, selectable full-screen or area recording, and can quickly select the recording format, sound, and whether to include the mouse cursor:

老牌截图工具 PicPick 更新,新增录屏功能,支持 MP4/GIF 格式 8

The settings already come with Chinese, you can modify the screen recording quality, FPS, audio parameters, etc. Most of these functions can be set on the toolbar:

老牌截图工具 PicPick 更新,新增录屏功能,支持 MP4/GIF 格式 9

Finally, PicPick is free for personal and home users, but does not provide automatic updates, requiring users to update manually.


PicPick main features


Take screenshots, screenshots of active windows, screenshots of scrolling desktop windows, screenshots of any specific area, and more

  • Support for multiple monitoring environments, capture cursors, auto-save, and file naming functions
  • Supports floating widget capture bar, so you can take screenshots very conveniently
  • Customize your own keyboard shortcuts.
  • full screen
  • Active window
  • window control
  • scroll window
  • area
  • Fixed area
  • free screenshot
  • Repeat the last screenshot
  • Screenshot widget
  • Take a screenshot with the cursor
  • delayed capture
  • auto save

picture editor

Built-in image editor and includes the latest Ribbon-style menu to annotate and tag images

  • painting
  • insert text
  • arrow, line
  • shape
  • balloon
  • marker tool
  • crop
  • resize
  • rotate
  • reverse
  • grayscale
  • mosaic
  • frame
  • watermark
  • Vague
  • sharpen
  • brightness
  • Hue/Saturation
  • color balance

save, share or send

Once you’re done capturing and editing your photo, you can save, share, or send it to others

  • clipboard
  • image file
  • PDF
  • printer
  • URL
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • FTP server
  • e-mail
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • external program

color picker

Use the built-in magnifying glass window to help you find the exact pixel color code on your screen.

RGB, HTML, C++ and Delphi are supported.


Use Photoshop’s color picker with RGB and HSV support to explore and optimize pixel color codes.

pixel ruler

Helps you measure the size of objects and place them precisely on the screen.

Supports horizontal and vertical orientation, units (pixels, inches and centimeters), DPI settings (72, 96, 120, 300) and skins. .


You can use the handy magnifying glass tool to view any area on your desktop.


This function can determine the relative coordinate position of the picture.

This is very useful in some situations, for example: developing HTML image maps.


It can help you measure any angle on the screen. Pick a center and a location, then measure the angle from that location to the center.

This feature can be used in a variety of photography, math and graphics applications.


You can set up a virtual whiteboard on your desktop. You can use it to display things or draw on a tabletop.


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