The oldest stone pagoda in Chongqing is in Rongchang

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According to the statistics of the third national cultural relics census in Chongqing, there are 227 ancient pagodas in Chongqing, spanning from the Song Dynasty to 1940, distributed in 33 districts and counties in the city, only Jiulongpo, Shapingba, Wuxi, Chengkou, Wulong, There are no towers in the six districts and counties of Xiushan.

There are at most 30 towers in Dazu (9 of them are carved pagodas in the cliff stone carvings of Baoding Mountain), and there are only 1 each in Yuzhong, Dadukou, Bishan and Dianjiang. Yuzhong District is the famous King Kong Bodhi Tower .

The earliest pagodas with exact dates in the existing ancient pagodas were all built during the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty, namely Rongchang Hebao Baoen Pagoda, Rongchang Liangping White Pagoda, Beibei Taping Temple Stone Pagoda and Dazu Duobao Pagoda.

In addition, there are 15 ancient pagodas in the Song Dynasty, all of which are located in the western part of Yuxi. Among them, the Baoen Temple Pagoda in Hebao Town, Rongchang is the oldest , dating back to the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty.

Hebao White Pagoda

Baoen Temple Pagoda is located on Jinfeng Mountain in Hebao Town. The tower body is a nine-story square tower with a hollow pavilion of stone imitation wood structure. It is 16 meters high. There are doors on the ground floor for people to come in and out, but when they arrived at the scene, they had already been sealed. I will show you what it looked like when you could still go in. It is said that you can always climb to the top, and the scenery is infinitely beautiful.

The “Rongchang County Chronicle” compiled during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty contained: “Baoen Temple, outside Hebaochang, anciently known as Chenghua Temple, also known as Baoen Temple, the White Pagoda was built in the second year of Shaoxing in the Song Dynasty (1132).” And the equally famous Beibei Taping The temple tower was built in 1168, and the Dazuduo Pagoda was built in 1147.

Baoen Temple Pagoda

The Baoen Temple Pagoda, the Hebao White Pagoda, was built in the Southern Song Dynasty and has been cultivated in all dynasties. When it was rebuilt in the sixth year of Wanli in Ming Dynasty (1578), Linsheng Wang Yang wrote an article to record: Going to the north for sixty years, the name of the temple repays its kindness, it borders Dazu, stands on the ridges, the water flows around, the top is a golden turtle, and it looks like a ghost. phoenix. Afterwards, there is a ninth-level stupa, which is a powerful danxiao, and a dantai with exotic flowers and plants.

I have visited Taping Temple with my hands (see: “Taping Temple in Beibei: Come Again in Winter Next Year” ), and I feel that although the stone pagoda of Taping Temple and the White Pagoda of Hebao are all made in Song Dynasty, the stone pagoda of Taping Temple has been repaired several times, and its appearance is not It is more complete, but each generation of restorers has their own ideas, so the integrity is not strong, and a closer look at some decorative carvings is a bit deliberate.

But the magic of Bao’en Temple Pagoda in Hebao is that if the bottom floor was not sealed for the purpose of cultural relics protection a few years ago, this white pagoda and the local people would have lived together for thousands of years.

Maybe there were people who climbed high to watch during the war, and when the poets came, they climbed high and looked into the distance to recite poems. When the children came, they played up and down the stone steps.

Every time I think of this, the White Pagoda is no longer a tower, but a witness of the millennium. Although the purpose of its construction is no longer testable, it is regarded as a time machine, and you can feel the traces of the years when you get close.

Hebao Leaning Tower

On the lower half of the pagoda of Baoen Temple, there is also a relic pagoda, which is often referred to as the Hebao Leaning Pagoda. It is said that a monk in the Qing Dynasty was buried under the pagoda after his death.

The stupa is 9.5 meters high, with a base of 2.2 meters and an octagonal stone pagoda with 11 floors. The tower base is square, with a side length of 5.4 meters and a height of 0.7 meters. The upper is a double-layered Xumi seat, the bottom is octagonal, the upper is a lotus Xumi seat, a bowl is placed on the seat, and the tower body on the bowl is rich in shape. Then there is the lotus seat, the second layer of the diamond wheel, the octagonal eaves, and the pagoda jewels.

Stupa leaning to the left

The scale of the tower is not large, and there are different opinions on why it became inclined, but the increasing inclination angle is still a little worrying. The pagoda originated in ancient India. It was originally a memorial building to bury and enshrine the relics of Buddha Sakyamuni. This stupa is the authentic of the pagoda.

Later, the most ancient pagoda I saw in Chongqing was the Zikuta . It was a building specially used for burning paper by the ancients because of “respecting the sky and cherishing the words, respecting the Confucianism and emphasizing the book”. At that time, scholars would worship Kuta and pray for Wenchang’s blessing before going out to take the exam.

Liangping White Pagoda

Liangping White Pagoda and Hebao Baoen Temple Pagoda in Guansheng Town are both built in the Southern Song Dynasty, and they are also quite relics of the late Tang Dynasty.

Before the restoration in 2022, the tower is even covered with vegetation. However, after the restoration by the local cultural preservation department, it not only retained the charm of the White Pagoda to the greatest extent, but also left the traces of the normal time flow on the ancient relics, and ensured the safety of the ancient buildings.


Next to the Liangping White Pagoda, there are traces of quarrying during the construction of the White Pagoda. It can be said that the entire White Pagoda was originally built on a large rock mountain, which also reflects the large amount of stone reserves in Chongqing. 90% of the pagodas are stone pagodas.

The Buddha statues on the pagoda have long been blurred, leaving only one or two Buddha statues, but it has long been impossible to distinguish what is the head and what is the body.

While enjoying the cool breeze under the shadow of the White Pagoda, I suddenly saw a mountain fire curling up not far away, so I hurriedly called the forest fire prevention. The staff was so quick that we arrived within a few minutes of coming down from Baita Mountain. Think of the recent mountain fires in Jinyun Mountain that have been burning for several days, burning from the top to the foot of the mountain, burning all over the mountains and plains.

at last

There have been severe droughts and high temperatures in recent days, and modern people still have air conditioners. In ancient times, it was a year of disasters: plagues continued for three years, and the high temperature of 40 degrees in August made it difficult for the people.

The earth is going through disasters, and it is not easy for every human being. Voltaire said that life is nothing but an illusion and disaster, Emerson said that disaster is the first journey of truth, Romain Rolland said that all disasters bring some kind of goodness, and mother said that a person should take care of himself even in disasters.

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