The pain is like high voltage electricity piercing through the abdomen, I feel like I’m only curled up by electric cooked shrimp

In this world, there is a type of people who always fail to lose weight: in winter, their appetite is very good, and their weight soars by dozens of kilograms. Unfortunately, that’s who I am.

“Shut your mouth and move your legs” sounds simple, but it is really hopeless to do. However, with the explosion of Liu Genghong’s aerobics, and the numbers on the scales gradually driving me crazy, I decided to practice the second half of the sentence and start exercising.


Family dance exercise project launched

As the captain, I was mercilessly drawn

I don’t know how other people lose weight, but my enthusiasm was quietly extinguished after only three days of burning. So, my parents showed up. My mother is a strong woman who can compete with my father in weight, and my father is a mm chocolate bean with a smaller arm circumference than me but a beer belly.

My mother and I have no perseverance or perseverance in sports. In order to keep us both persistent, we have implemented a reward system at home, where a reward of ten yuan is awarded for each exercise. Under the temptation of money, my father also joined the sports team, and I was appointed as the team captain and my father’s vice-captain. In this way, the family dance exercise project was started, and we followed this rule in a bland way.

It can only be said that losing weight is a very mysterious thing. After about 10 days, my mother and I lost a little bit of weight, but my father’s waistline was 2 cm less. Under this kind of joy, my dad broke out and started dancing with passion every day. As the captain, I was mercilessly caught up and could only insist on gritting my teeth.


Severe pain from the tailbone to the anus

Like 100,000 volts of high-voltage electricity penetrates the abdomen

It was a sunny day and the temperature was rising rapidly. As I was about to go to work, I felt that I was wearing too much, so I prepared to change into short sleeves. The short sleeve was just put on my head, I was raising my hand, and a sharp pain suddenly went from the tailbone to the anus . This sharp pain penetrated my abdomen like a hundred thousand volts of high-voltage electricity. I was like a shrimp cooked by electricity, involuntarily. curled up.

Shrimp slowly touched the edge of the bed and collapsed on the bed in a curled state, sweating non-stop . At this time, I naively thought that it would be fine to lie down for a while, and I also thought about going to work after a while.

Because the work unit is far from home in the development zone, it is very troublesome to take a car by myself. In order not to miss the bus, I resisted the crit from my abdomen, lay on the bed shivering, changed my clothes, climbed out of the bed, and carried my back. Pack up and get ready to go out.

At this point, I could no longer straighten my waist. One step was less than half the length of my 37-yard foot. Every step was like dancing on the tip of a knife, trembling.

I realized something was wrong, it was definitely not a normal stomach ache. I quickly recalled the cases I saw on the nut shell , and compared my symptoms one by one. I had a flash of inspiration. I wouldn’t have ruptured the corpus luteum! So I lay on the bed and shouted to my mother who was still at home. As soon as she saw me like this, she immediately said, “I’ll pour you some hot water.” If emotions could be embodied in characters, my mom would surely see that I was speechless incarnate.

I interrupted her preparation to pour the hot water and shouted: “Quick, take me to the hospital quickly, your daughter is dying!” But going downstairs became a problem, my mother couldn’t carry me, and my house was in On the sixth floor of the top floor of the staircase room, I had no choice but to hunched over and took a half-step and moved to the gate of the community. I finally breathed a sigh of relief until I took a ride on the Internet.


I have a 10cm lump in my stomach

How many pounds did you lose?

I chose the hospital closest to my home, and as soon as I entered the door, the guide lady pointed me to the emergency room. The doctor who received me asked me to lie on the examination bed for a physical examination. Her hand gently pressed my stomach, and I screamed involuntarily and kept pulling her hand away (I know this is not good, but I I can’t help it, sorry).

“Do you have a boyfriend? Are you not pregnant? You have to tell the doctor the truth.” The doctor’s sister should first rule out a potentially life-threatening “ectopic pregnancy”. Thank you I am a magician (single) and exempted from internal inspection.

After some consultation and physical examination, the doctor asked me to do blood tests and ultrasound of my abdomen, pelvis and appendix. So I continued, like a strange creature, hunched up and down the building to check.

Because I was suspected of PCOS by my doctor a few years ago, I have an ultrasound every year, and I had an ultrasound of the uterine appendage just a month ago. When I got to the ultrasound room, I lay on the bed proficiently, moving the cold probe back and forth on my stomach, pressing down gently from time to time, and every time I pressed it, I gasped in pain.

This is the longest ultrasound examination I have ever done. The gel was applied back and forth three times. The doctor who performed the examination also called the director of the ultrasound department, and they discussed the images while watching the images. Lying there, I was in a complicated mood, and I clearly felt that there was really something wrong with my stomach this time.

I got the report, and sure enough, it showed a mass nearly 10 cm in diameter in the abdomen . But at that moment, I didn’t feel scared. Instead, I thought of a classmate who had an operation to remove a cyst in his stomach and lost 10 pounds. So, my mind was full of “How much weight should I lose after this 10 cm lump is cut”.


Ultrasound and other findings | Courtesy of the author


I am half awake after surgery

The mouth is still talking about “the great cause of weight loss”

After seeing the results, the emergency doctor did a quick nucleic acid test for me, and asked me to go to the gynecology hospital for surgery . Bending back and forth, tossing and paying for hospitalization, I finally lay on the gynecological hospital bed.

Staring at the yellowed ceiling, listening to the doctor and my mother discussing the surgical plan at the end of the bed, I felt as if I had not woken up and was still dreaming. Why go to the emergency room, why do you have surgery right away? All of this is so fast and unreal.

The doctor said that the mass was a bit large from the ultrasound and needed to be removed, but because imaging examinations could not be used as a basis for diagnosis, the specific mass can only be seen after entering the stomach. If the ovary is torsioned, the ovary on the side of the torsion may need to be removed. My mother, who was standing at the end of the bed, panicked. After all, I was still “young” and she worried that removing one ovary would affect my endocrine function (usually not).

The doctor asked my mother, if the ovarian torsion is found, whether to remove one ovary or just reset the ovary, my mother firmly chose the reset. The doctor also comforted her, considering that I was young and unmarried, the doctor would definitely try to preserve the ovaries during the operation.

When I was pushed into the operating room and the anesthesia mask was covering my face, I was still thinking, will general anesthesia really make me suddenly unconscious? Later, I tried my best to remember, but I could only remember that I silently counted to the third breath, and then I remembered nothing.

After the operation, I was still half asleep when I returned to the ward. My mother said that when I was pushed out after the operation, I kept talking about “the lump… cut it off… lose a few pounds”. Sure enough, I was still thinking about the “great cause of weight loss”.

The next day, the attending doctor came to the ward and told us about the situation during the operation. Only then did I know that the mass that suddenly appeared was blood from the rupture of the corpus luteum. After the doctor cleaned up the blood clot, my ovary was sutured. . The operation was very successful, the ovaries were saved, and the incision of the minimally invasive surgery was very small, which would not affect my wearing of the umbilical dress at all. Also, thanks to the anesthesiologist’s miraculous analgesic pump, I didn’t feel any pain from the wound when I woke up.

It’s just that my own blood is in the mass, and it will be replenished soon after it is cleared, so there is no hope of losing ten pounds.


Blood clot in the stomach | Photo courtesy of the author


When the corpus luteum grows

I have a set of dragon fists to send it to split flowers

Through the doctor’s introduction, I finally figured out the cause of the abdominal pain. The period of my continuous dance exercise was just before my menstrual period. At this time, the corpus luteum became larger, the surrounding blood supply was very rich, and it was easy to rupture . blossomed. Doctors believe that my corpus luteum rupture was also aided by the force I squatted on the toilet that morning.

After the operation, I unlocked a lot of new experiences: drinking water and eating while lying down, getting three needles on my right hand at the same time, having a urinary catheter inserted so I lost the sense of urination, and my butt hurts after lying down for a long time, etc. A day later, when I was asked to get out of bed and move around more, my whole body was as stiff as if I had just switched on, and it felt like the first time I had stepped out of such a lady’s pace.

In the evening, a young lady with the same illness came to the hospital bed next to me. She told me that the doctor said that a little girl had ruptured her corpus luteum because she defecated too hard, and warned her to be careful when going to the toilet in the future.

At that moment, I was choked up, and I just became a negative case in the department.

After four days in the hospital, I was allowed to go home to recuperate. Looking in the mirror, I noticed a red spot on my butt, very similar to the red butt of my friend’s newborn baby.

When I got home, the vice-captain’s father expressed his thoughts to me, saying that no one would accompany him to perform gymnastics when I was away.

Look, this story has a perfect ending without giving up food because of choking. Of course, exercise is very good, but you must learn from my blood and tears, remember to exercise in moderation at the right time! Otherwise, like me, I like to mention a month’s vacation.


Happy one month holiday | Photo courtesy of the author

Until now, I still remember the day when I was discharged from the hospital, I was in my mother’s delivery car, I saw pedestrians and cars on the road, and I heard the jingle in the car.


On the day I was discharged from the hospital, I felt inexplicably good | Photo courtesy of the author

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