The perplexity of a million-dollar salary

I received such a question on my planet today. At first glance, I thought it was Versailles:

I am 28 years old and have accomplished several great things in the last year:

1. Married a girlfriend who has been in love for nearly 10 years since her freshman year

2. Bought a house in Beijing and took out a mortgage

3. The annual salary starts to exceed one million

I came out of the village and felt lucky to have accomplished all the worldly goals I could think of; until those goals were reached, my life was pretty fun and exciting.

But when these goals are completed, I feel only boredom (in my current vision, there is no higher pursuit I really want) and anxiety (knowing that if you don’t advance, you will retreat, worry about losing what you currently have, and worry about losing what you currently have) Time flies too fast, I will not be young soon), and the happiness in life is not as good as before. Even learning something is very anxious when learning something and want to finish it as soon as possible. After learning it is endless emptiness.

Ask Chi Da, how should I understand these problems, live the present well, continue to set higher goals, and experience the happiness of life. I don’t want to spend my prime years in anxiety and tangle, thank you very much~

This is actually another kind of common problem, not hypocritical, but another kind of confusion. I replied like this:

I also came from the village and went to an uneducated university. I came to Beijing from a small town called Zhaochuan and worked for more than 20 years. I finished the few things you mentioned a long time ago, and I still have no mortgage. Last year, I got my Beijing ID card, which completely ended my life in Beidao.

But my state is completely different from yours. I feel that the curtain of life has just opened, and unknown things are waiting for me to discover. Under the circumstance of almost no pressure, my body is still healthy and strong. I have accumulated 20 years of work experience, cognitive upgrades, and operating system upgrades. In addition to making products and creating, I also like to shoot film, listen to vinyl record players, and play badminton. Skateboarding, traveling, reading…there are so many things that can be done, so I started a company so that I can continue to do these things freely.

Essentially, my state is just a little more curious and passionate about the world than you are. This may come from human nature, or it may come from the fact that I have read a lot of books that have nothing to do with money and skill improvement, that is, “useless books”. For me, reading is always calming and pleasant. Reading a good book is actually a dialogue with an excellent author who exists or has left this world. The content of the dialogue is often the result of his years and decades of experience and thinking. Read more.

Also, I never recommend success learning. The world does not owe us a success, nor do we owe it to the world. If you can support yourself, take good care of your family, ensure that you will not be eliminated as much as possible, and your funds have been well distributed, and you have your daily income, stable investments, and insurance, that’s great. You can lie flat, do nothing, or watch the flowers and birds, the key is that you can be emotionally self-consistent.

I often quote Li Haipeng:

Why are you thinking about success? It’s as if our intelligence isn’t enough for a life without success.

In my opinion, the most miserable life in the world is someone who has a Japanese wife, because in the morning when you go to work, she will bow on the back of your butt: “Li Sang, work hard!” I try not to work hard What are you doing? Isn’t the joy of life in not working hard?

If you can’t be self-consistent, as you describe in your question, and you don’t have any ambitions, then developing some hobbies is a good choice, because hobbies can add to your experience, and experience is what the world brings to you. our gift.

I think that there are several important things in the world:

Health, love, mission, experience. The first three points guarantee the last point.

Health is the first priority, it is the basic plan. When you get sick, it will destroy all our ambitions and make us fall into a trough. Therefore, I never advocate that the body is too tight. When you are not feeling well, you must rest. Usually, through regular exercise to improve the body’s immune system, make yourself stronger.

Regarding health, Feng Tang said in “The Way of the Heart”, Murakami said in “The Novelist” and “Running”, and Ang Li also said in “Dream of Movies” that the older you are, the stronger your body will be. It needs to be maintained and tempered, to be controlled, to know how to choose and not to act arbitrarily and let the body alarm.

Needless to say about love, Russell said that one of the roots of happiness is love, which brings “ecstasy”, which no other experience can do; love can alleviate loneliness and make you less afraid of life; Love can create the best human life, like a microcosm of heaven.

The mission is a position that everyone comes to this world to give themselves, what you want to do, what you can do, what you do, the value to the world, whether it makes the world a little better. When we see others suffering, when we see hungry children, when we see oppressed people, when we see old people being abused, when we see the loneliness, poverty, and suffering of human beings, it’s hard to calm our hearts. We live to alleviate some of this suffering, not only to help others, but also because we ourselves are victims of this suffering.

You are only 28 years old, and you are in full bloom. Time is long, there are still more things to do, don’t set limits for yourself.

Read more, experience more, free your mind. Also welcome to join my knowledge planet: let time prove it for you , it has gathered more than 6400 users, and it is expected to exceed 10,000.

Today, I took this father to the Yuan Dadu site. The old man has never seen this scenic spot. In the mighty Yuan Dynasty 650 years ago, the iron hoofs of the Mongols swept the world, and in the city of Beijing, which is very big, I finally left such a little thought. My dad and I sighed, the power of time. Dad said, yes, in the end there was nothing. Then put some pictures. This blog can also be used as my gallery.

Shot with NOMO CAM 135 TC.

Shot with NOMO CAM 135 TC.

Shot with NOMO CAM 135 Ti.

Shot with NOMO CAM 135 TC.

Shot with NOMO CAM 135 Ti.

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