The Pingtou Ge Xuantie processor is open for free on the cloud, and the 2022 RISC-V Application Innovation Competition starts today

On April 18, the reporter learned that the 2022 “Xuantie Cup” RISC-V Application Innovation Competition was officially launched. This competition adopts the first mass-produced RISC-V processor, Xuantie C906. Participants can develop with one click through the free and open “Cloud Lab” of Pingtou Ge, and enjoy the freedom of computing power in RISC-V, which is not limited by software and hardware. ” development environment to explore innovative applications in areas such as “carbon neutrality” and industrial control.

740 (Picture: 2022 “Black Iron Cup” RISC-V Application Innovation Competition kicks off)

RISC-V is a new CPU architecture that has emerged in recent years, and has gradually become a popular choice in the semiconductor industry due to its openness and flexibility. At present, nearly 2,500 institutions have joined the RISC-V Foundation, including Alibaba, Huawei, Google, Intel, IBM and other companies. According to the forecast of Semico Research, a research institute, by 2025, the global shipments of RISC-V processors will increase to 62.4 billion, which are widely used in industries, PCs, consumer electronics, Internet of Things and other fields.

At present, RISC-V has developed the performance advantages of high energy efficiency and low power consumption, but the upper-layer applications are not rich enough, the optimization of the underlying chips and system software is not high, and the upstream and downstream of the industry chain have not formed a joint force, which has become the ecological development of RISC-V. major barriers.

“Holding the RISC-V Application Innovation Competition is a new attempt to promote ecological development.” Yang Jing, the leader of the competition and vice president of RISC-V ecology of Pingtou Ge, told reporters, “We focus on specific industry fields and invite global developers to participate in the experience. Together, we will promote the maturity and application of RISC-V technology.”

It is understood that the 2022 “Black Iron Cup” RISC-V Application Innovation Competition is hosted by the Open Chip Community (OCC) and consists of 4 tracks including “carbon neutrality”, industrial control and robotics, vision and wearable devices, and smart home. In order to allow more developers to experience Xuantie RISC-V and stimulate unrestrained creativity, this competition has specially set up a “cloud laboratory” compatible with various systems and environments. Participants can test and develop projects without restrictions and experience RISC. -V “freedom of computing power”.

740 (Illustration: The competition will open the cloud laboratory for free, and developers can experience the “freedom of computing power” of Xuantie RISC-V)

The competition is divided into three stages: creative submission, project development, and final review. A number of top experts from academia and industry are invited to conduct comprehensive evaluations in terms of technical feasibility, program integrity, project innovation, ecological contribution and originality. The jury will select 18 outstanding projects including first, second and third prizes and creative awards. The final list is expected to be announced in September.

It is reported that the 2021 RISC-V Application Innovation Competition has attracted a total of 1,054 teams from around the world. Among them, creative projects such as smart parking and three-axis robotic arms have won awards, realizing the application.

Previously, four Xuantie RISC-V mass-produced processors and full-stack software, including the C906, have been open sourced, and over 2.5 billion Xuantie series processors have been shipped. “Brother Pingtou is committed to building an open, transparent and inclusive RISC-V ecosystem, and will increase investment in the future to continue to promote the innovation of RISC-V software and hardware collaboration and application with all walks of life.” Yang Jing said.

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