The pre-sale box office of “Avatar 2” exceeded 100 million yuan, and the average ticket price exceeded 90 yuan

Three days after the pre-sale started, “Avatar 2” became the fastest pre-sale film of this year to exceed 100 million. According to the real-time data of Maoyan Professional Edition, as of 19:49 on December 10, the film “Avatar: The Way of Water” (hereinafter referred to as “Avatar 2”) had a total box office of more than 100 million. As of 20:00 on December 9, the average national pre-sale ticket price of “Avatar 2” was 91.5 yuan, and the average IMAX ticket price was 138.5 yuan. Although the price is higher than most theater movies on the market, it has not affected the audience’s enthusiasm for watching “Avatar 2”. For the recovery of the Chinese film market, the release of “Avatar 2” is undoubtedly a booster. | Related reading (The Paper)

Sun Miao

For the film industry, under the epidemic control for more than three years, making money is simply a matter of luck. Even if the film is very good, the epidemic has been repeated one after another some time ago, and all places have been silent, and the distributors have nothing to do. This makes people sigh that Avatar 2 has caught up with the good times. Recently, the whole country has been liberalized. It seems that except for Beijing, dine-in and movie theaters in other places do not need nucleic acid. After a long time, how many audiences will want to go to the cinema to watch movies. Secondly, Avatar 2 is also a very rare international blockbuster introduced in the past few years, so it is naturally very attractive. It can be predicted that its box office performance should be very good in the future.

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