Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile: Concentrating on Convergence and Innovation

On December 11, China Mobile held the 2022 Global Partner Conference in the form of aggregation on the cloud. Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, attended the opening ceremony and made a speech entitled “Cohesion, Integration, Innovation and Co-operation” in the new online metaverse space of the main forum of the conference. The keynote speech of Pushu Zhihua Chapter.


Yang Jie pointed out that the past ten years have seen rapid changes in the information and communication industry. China Mobile joins hands with industry partners to forge ahead, give full play to the “carrying pole effect” of stimulating investment and promoting consumption, and jointly promote information technology to serve the overall situation of national development and economic, social and people’s livelihood, and support the construction of a strong network country, a digital China, and a smart society. Contributed Chinese standards, Chinese solutions, and Chinese power to global industrial development. One is to strengthen the foundation and consolidate the foundation in ten years, and work together to promote the leapfrog development of infrastructure. Build the world’s largest mobile network and fiber-optic broadband network, pioneer the deployment of computing power network, and innovate and build a capability center. The second is to gather kinetic energy in ten years and work together to support the acceleration of the digital economy. Help improve the quality of a better life, support the acceleration of industrial transformation, and promote the efficiency of digital governance. The third is to benefit people’s livelihood for ten years, and work together to deepen the security and convenience of information services. Continue to promote speed increase and fee reduction, bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas, serve the overall situation of the country’s fight against the epidemic, and build a network security barrier. The fourth is ten years of scientific and technological breakthroughs, working together to lead the breakthrough of core technology groups. Promote the evolution and upgrading of information technology, and key core technologies fill the gaps in industries in many fields. Fifth, ten years of common progress and win-win, and joint efforts to promote the prosperity and growth of the industrial ecology. Give full play to the role of capital link, ecological aggregation, and leading role to drive the mature development of the industry. Yang Jie believes that the fruitful results achieved in the past ten years are a vivid manifestation of China Mobile’s continuous deepening of open cooperation, an important witness of mutual benefit and win-win results for all partners, and a microcosm of the development and transformation of my country’s information and communication industry.


Yang Jie said that in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping outlined a grand blueprint for comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation through Chinese-style modernization, and made important arrangements for information technology innovation and digital economy development. At present, the world’s major changes unseen in a century are accelerating, and a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is developing in depth. Changes in the world, times, and history are unfolding in unprecedented ways. As a strategic, basic, and leading industry of the national economy, the information and communication industry should be good at analyzing trends and grasping laws from the long history and the tide of the times. As human society enters the era of information civilization, information and energy, as the two main lines driving the progress of human civilization, are evolving from relatively independent development to mutual integration and innovation (f(E×I)), showing three trends in general.

First, the quantization of information promotes an overall leap in the productivity of human society. Through the large-scale use and value mining of information, new productivity will be bred and “digital intelligence” will be injected into the economy and society to drive three upgrades : first, infrastructure upgrades. New information infrastructure such as 5G, computing power network, and capability middle platform efficiently penetrates all links in the entire chain of information perception, transmission, storage, and processing, and provides organically combined and flexibly invoked full-stack information services. The second is the upgrading of production factors. Technology and data have become new factors of production, and are rapidly integrating into fields such as production, distribution, circulation, consumption, and social services, greatly increasing total factor productivity. The third is to upgrade production tools. Accelerated iterative development of software, hardware, and platforms based on new-generation information technology has accumulated professional knowledge in various fields into intelligent production tools, greatly extending human intelligence and intelligent labor space.

Second, energy informatization promotes the overall transformation of the development mode of human society. As the new generation of information technology is deeply integrated into the economy, society and people’s livelihood, the process of energy utilization and transformation will become more intelligent, which will promote the efficient allocation and rational use of various resources, and accelerate three transformations : one is the digital and intelligent transformation of production methods. The energy required to promote production, such as smart grids and smart factories, is fully “bitified”, which is conducive to unified monitoring, flexible combination, and intelligent scheduling of the entire production process. The second is digital and intelligent transformation of lifestyle. Various shared service platforms promote real-time interaction of information in a wider range, support precise matching of supply and demand, and help people obtain a higher quality life experience with less energy consumption. The third is the digital and intelligent transformation of social governance methods. Digital government, smart city, etc. effectively gather diverse and scattered data information, help governance subjects coordinate and deploy various energies in a wider area and more fields, and support the optimal allocation of public resources.

Third, the integration of information and energy triggers the reshaping of the future form system of human society. Facing the post-information age, information and energy will fully interact and co-exist as one, bringing about systematic changes in human society and giving birth to three integrations: one is the integration of the virtual world and the real world. Metaverse, digital twins and other virtual spaces will fully map the social and material attributes of the real world, and extend the boundaries of time and space in all directions. The second is the integration of information-driven and energy-driven. Driven by the new generation of information technology such as the Internet of Things, AI, and big data, it will eliminate the interaction restrictions of multiple subject information and energy, trigger “bit x watt” fusion fusion, and promote “human-machine-thing” to achieve ultra-large-scale, ultra-automated coordinated development . The third is the integration of silicon-based life and carbon-based life. Relying on technologies such as machine vision, tactile Internet, and brain-computer interface, create “digital intelligent people” with knowledge sharing and group cooperation capabilities, enrich the diverse human experience, and support the organic unity of the material world and the spiritual world.

Yang Jie emphasized that China Mobile will further establish a big history view and a big time view, anchor the development positioning of a world-class information service technology innovation company, strive to open up new fields and new tracks, shape new kinetic energy and new advantages, and accelerate the realization of high-quality development and sustainable development. Continue to develop, help build a modern socialist country in an all-round way, and join hands with partners to forge ahead on a new journey and achieve a new leap forward.

First, expand the information service space, and make efforts to “two new types”. The system builds a new type of information infrastructure focusing on 5G, computing power network, and capability middle platform, and builds a foundation for efficient information flow. Consolidate the leading edge of 5G , moderately advance the deployment of high-quality, intensive, efficient, safe and reliable 5G network, accurately expand the coverage of gigabit optical networks, and continue to improve the Internet of Things access capabilities that support fixed-mobile integration and the combination of broadband and narrow. Deepen the practice of the computing power network industry , build a three-level low-latency computing power service circle, accelerate the R&D and operation of the “computing network brain”, strengthen the integration and management of various computing power, and promote the storage of east and west, east and west computing, and east data Innovative applications such as Western Training, East Digital and Western Rendering. Promote the ability to focus on intelligence and empowerment in Taiwan , continue to gather internal and external general capabilities such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and precise positioning, enrich the “central kitchen” sharing model such as service output, inbound development, and integrated applications, and improve the level of integrated empowerment. Innovatively build a new information service system of “connection + computing power + capability” to enrich the scenarios of information fusion applications. Support high-efficiency production, build a strong “network + cloud + DICT” end-to-end capability, replicate mature applications such as the industrial Internet on a large scale, and systematically layout connection services, information services, vehicle-road collaboration and other Internet of Vehicles markets. Enrich high-quality life, develop big cloud XR, financial technology, big data, security and other products, and explore metaverse applications such as virtual digital sapiens and immersive entertainment. Serve high-level governance, carry out in-depth integrated innovation in the fields of digital government, smart city, digital village, and smart community, and enhance the efficiency of digital public services.

Second, aim at the forefront of technological innovation and accelerate the construction of “four highlands”. Construct technology leading highlands. Continue to lead the formulation of 5G follow-up standards, and accelerate the evolution of 5G to network intelligence, space-ground integration, and synaesthesia integration. Focus on next-generation communications beyond the “Shannon limit”, new computing that breaks the “von Neumann architecture”, and strengthen research on cutting-edge technologies such as 6G, next-generation optical communications, and air-space-ground integration. Build a collaborative innovation highland. Operate innovation platforms such as the National Technology Innovation Center, academician workstations, and joint R&D institutions, drive industry, academia, and research to participate and share results, and support the cultivation of a group of leading enterprises with core competitiveness and “specialized, special and new” and “invisible champions”. Build a highland for transformation of achievements. Give full play to the role of demand driving and application transformation, improve the integrated innovation mechanism of research, development, and application, implement the list-based management and project-based promotion of original achievements transformation, and promote the rapid transformation of more achievements into productivity. Construct a talent gathering highland. Relying on cooperation platforms such as universities, scientific research institutes, and scientific and technological innovation enterprises, promote the integration and training of talents, exchange and intercommunication, strengthen the team of strategic leaders, high-level experts, outstanding engineers, and outstanding young scientific and technological talents, and build a “talent geese” that spreads its wings and flies together.

Third, conform to the general trend of openness and cooperation, and jointly improve the “four energy levels”. Improve the energy level of cooperative organizations. Adhere to “opening the door” to run the chain, build a collaborative innovation base for the industrial chain, implement the “10, 10, 10, 10, 000” partner on-chain plan, and create an industrial ecology with division of labor and cooperation, complementary advantages, and efficient operation. Improve the energy level of cooperative resources. Increase investment in resources such as technology and marketing, strengthen the sharing and reuse of cross-industry knowledge, capabilities, and markets, and promote the close connection of resources from all parties. Give full play to the “leveraging” role of capital, broaden the layout of industrial investment, and jointly promote product innovation and application expansion. Improve the energy level of the cooperation platform. Build a strong 9one platform that meets the common needs of various industries, upgrade the pan-terminal omni-channel sales alliance, digital life service provider alliance, etc., and jointly create a brand image with quality, character, and taste. Take the lead in building the computing power terminal industry alliance and metaverse alliance, and enrich computing power terminal and metaverse applications. Improve the energy level of the cooperation mechanism. Improve the cooperation mechanism that takes into account the demands of all parties and accommodates the interests of all parties, breaks down the barriers that restrict the flow of data, technology and other elements, and unblocks the docking channels for one-point cooperation and full network implementation, so that the results can benefit the majority of partners better and faster.

In order to promote the integration and innovation of information energy to release greater efficiency and let the achievements of information civilization benefit the people of all countries, Yang Jie put forward four suggestions : jointly promote the popularization of information applications, jointly accelerate information technology innovation, jointly improve the quality of industrial development, and jointly deepen cyberspace governance.

Yang Jie said that through ten years of joint efforts, the Global Partner Conference has become a popular platform for cooperation. China Mobile looks forward to working with industry colleagues to create high-quality partnerships, continue to deepen integration and innovation, and jointly write a more brilliant chapter of digital intelligence.

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