The real estate rescue project docking business meeting was held, participants: the actual effect may not be ideal

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 Titanium Media App reported on July 26 that on July 26, the China Real Estate Association and the Zhejiang Real Estate Association jointly hosted the "Real Estate Relief Project and Financial Institutions Matchmaking Conference" in Hangzhou. A number of real estate companies from the Yangtze River Delta region, as well as financial institutions such as Cinda, CICC, and Zheshang Bank participated in the meeting. It is understood that the meeting was led by a vice president of the China Real Estate Association, and jointly organized by the Real Estate Finance Branch and the China Real Estate Investment and Financing Information Service Platform, aiming to build a bridge of communication between real estate companies and financial institutions. A participant told reporters that although the regulatory authorities have good intentions, the actual effect of this move may not be ideal. A person from a real estate company who participated in the meeting also told reporters that before this, the company had approached government departments and a number of financial institutions to seek bailouts. The main purpose of this meeting is to understand the thinking and direction of the regulatory authorities in terms of corporate bailouts. (Source: 21st Century)

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