The Road to MacBook Pro Repair

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I first started using MacBook in 2015. At that time, the company sent the 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro as an office notebook to every developer. Later, in 2017, I bought a 2016 15-inch MacBook from Xiaomeng. Pro, it cost ¥13500, and it has been used for five years now. In these five years, the notebook has also encountered major or minor problems. Today, this article summarizes the software and hardware problems that have occurred in my MacBook Pro and how to solve them. Program.


This problem appeared last night. When I was using it, the screen suddenly went black. The backlight of the buttons and the touch Bar were still on. My first reaction was whether it crashed, so I forcibly restarted it a few times. Is it a hardware problem. For a moment, I thought that this Mac seems to have a screen backlight problem. I don’t think I have encountered it. I used the flashlight of my mobile phone to look at the screen, and I could still see the text content. The display panel is fine, but the backlight is broken.

try to fix

After restarting Dafa didn’t work, I immediately contacted Apple’s phone after-sales service. The after-sales service gave me several solutions, let me try them one by one, and helped make an appointment for Genius. If these solutions don’t work, just go directly. After sale.

I directly used the solution of resetting the SMC. After restarting, it recovered. I thought that there might be a driver problem, and the reset was solved. I was very happy after a night. The next day, I turned on the computer, wiped it, and hung up again. It seems that it is still a hardware problem, and I still have to go to the after-sales service.

Apple Service Plan

So I searched and found that this problem is really a common problem, and Apple also highlighted the service plan for its 13-inch MacBook Pro display backlight service plan . At first glance, the 15-inch MacBook Pro is not on the list. But the Genius Bar has already made an appointment, so I’d better go and see if they can repair it for free. If it doesn’t, I plan to come or drop it to Huaqiang Beixiu. After all, it’s an old machine. It is estimated that the repair at your own expense will cost thousands of dollars to replace the assembly, and the residual value of this computer may not be worth so much.

The reason for this common problem, after searching around, it is said that after the new mold was used in 2016, the cable design was too short, and this hardware problem would be triggered after many times of bending. In addition to black screen, dark screen, there may be stage light effect screen and other symptoms. After 2018, this problem is rare because the cable is lengthened.

Up to now, the genius has not been sent, and the follow-up update.


The button problem is also an old problem. The 2016 model is the first-generation butterfly keyboard. If you put a little dust in it, it will get stuck. You have to blow it with air every once in a while, otherwise you will not know which button is stuck. live.

Then finally the entire command button was directly broken again, and it couldn’t be pressed. It should be a snap that broke. I bought a button directly from Taobao for ¥35 and replaced it myself.


It’s also an old problem (it’s an old problem anyway), the speaker on the left 📢 is broken, I don’t dare to turn on the volume too much, especially the treble will break, I don’t care about it, it still exists, and I use the right speaker for a long time. channel, or plug in headphones to use.

I don’t know if it’s a hardware problem or a software problem. It is said that the system can be broken at birth. I haven’t tried it yet. There are also feedback on the same model in the Apple forum.

some software issues

In addition to hardware, sometimes there are some software problems

sleep wake up no sound

This seems to be a bug in the audio core process, just kill the process and restart it, execute the following command


sudo killall coreaudiod

WiFi link freezes in circles

That is, when you click the WiFi icon to select WiFi, the CPU suddenly soars, and the huge card is incomparable. It is because of the Airpotd problem. You can execute the following command to solve it:


sudo killall airportd

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