The road to tears of Yili and Wuliangye

Since entering the stock market, I have never had my own set of value system and trading rules. I have always pursued value investment. If I lose, I will die. In the end, I have no choice but to cut the meat. In China Ping An and Conch Cement, I lost nearly 40 points, and I bought it later. After joining China Merchants Bank, as the losses continued to increase, I also continued to increase the positions. In the end, I had no choice but to cut the meat and lost more than 20 points. After staying in the stock market for two years, I found that liquor is a good business, and I also like to drink liquor. The liquor industry is basically There is no R&D investment cost, and good brands are not lacking in sales. In the three years of the epidemic, I have summed up my own failure in the stock market. One is: Blind shot, do not know how to stop losses in time; the second is: there are no trading rules, staring at The short-term ups and downs of the stock price can be bought according to the mood; this time, let’s take the remaining money and arrange it. The cost of 30 lots of Yili shares is 36.7, and the cost of 10 lots of Wuliangye is 182.2. Don’t lock up the position, wait for the day when the flowers bloom, and then take out the down payment to buy a house. If you have income later, you will only buy the index and no longer buy individual stocks. I started to lose money on the first day of September. I lost nearly three months’ worth of wages and almost a year’s salary. I was tired and prepared for lessons. The stock market is really inhumane. 182f730dc08aca83fd8f6c04.jpg!custom.jpg182f731577dacac3fe796280.jpg!custom.jpg

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