The secret of love is perception

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Lying on a yoga mat this morning for counseling. I haven’t done it for more than a month. The air is filled with sultry breath. The sound of cicadas is intertwined with the sound of sweeping the floor in the alley. The wooden floor conveys the slightest coolness to the body. After about half of the time, the consultant said that he found that you used “you” from beginning to end when describing, instead of “me”, why is this? I was stunned for a moment, this was a very unaware pronoun, and after being pointed out, I suddenly realized that I suddenly sat up from the yoga mat. I said that it may be because I am describing a past event, and I am no longer in that situation, so I have a feeling of looking at a third party. At the end of the consultation, the consultant said that I suddenly seem to know why, you have been rationalizing…


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