The semiconductor cooperation between the United States and Europe can hardly conceal differences, and each has its own abacus


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[Global Times Special Correspondent Li Zhun in the United States] The U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Committee recently held its third meeting in College Park, Maryland. Collaborate with disrupted early warning systems. However, the United States and Europe are still in harmony with each other in the semiconductor industry, and each has its own abacus.

According to a report by the US “Wall Street Journal” on the 6th, both the US and Europe are working hard to upgrade the domestic semiconductor industry as soon as possible to reduce their dependence on Asian suppliers. It is against this background that the plan to establish a common mechanism and early warning system came into being. of. The strengthening of cooperation between the United States and Europe in the field of semiconductor supply chains is obviously aimed at confronting China. The newspaper said the U.S.-EU trade and technology committee is part of the Biden administration’s efforts to strengthen its allies and partnerships to “counter China’s influence.”

U.S. Commerce Secretary Raimondo said after the meeting that the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Committee will play a very important role in adjusting the export control strategy, “just like it did with Russia.” She also said that she will continue to have a dialogue with the Netherlands on the export of lithography machines, and is optimistic that the two sides can reach an agreement.

However, the focus of the United States and Europe in the semiconductor industry is not to exclude China, and Brussels must maintain the correct balance and there are many differences. The US Axios News Network reported on the 6th that due to the Biden administration’s attempt to cut China off from advanced semiconductor technology and push US industry to compete with China, US-EU relations have been strained. The Secretary-General of the European External Action Agency Sassanino said after the talks that the United States and the European Union have more and more common language on the China issue, but “there is no pressure to make a certain decision.” He said that the point is not to exclude China, Brussels must maintain the right balance, “not annoying, not naive”. San Nino also warned the United States not to respond to China as “discriminatory” as it did to the European Union.

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