The story of this era should be left to women to tell

be part of the future


In summer, you wash your hair in a light blue plastic washbasin on the balcony, while your grandmother is in the living room chatting gossip with her friends of the same age in the community. They said that the daughter of the barber shop at the door, “looking fourteen or fifteen years old, chubby and dark”, eloped with someone.
Thinking about it, we may all be able to dig out such fragments in the depths of our memory. In the most familiar home, with the closest family members, spend time leisurely and calmly, and listen to the life dramas of the people around you.
Such memories constitute the background of life, but they are also the most easily forgotten. After growing up, there are more “important” things, and the growing community, neighbors, and relatives’ daily life are far away from us. Once in a while, returning home from the fast-moving adult life, I suddenly realize how precious it is to have a loving environment where life flows at its natural rate and where old people and things have their proper place.


The movie “No Goodbye, Fish Flower Pond”

In the movie “No Goodbye, Fish Flower Pond” , the young director Niu Xiaoyu preserved such memories forever in a wonderful way. This is the first feature film created by Niu Xiaoyu. It tells the story of the protagonist Xiaoye returning to his home after his grandfather’s death, and reuniting with his grandmother and people and things in the past. The movie was shot at Niu Xiaoyu’s home, and every spot, shadow and wind has a long history, and the “fish flower pond” does have its place. The deceased grandfather turned into a bearskin boy in a fish flower pond, and together with the daughter of a barber shop turned into a monster, he still guards Xiaoye and the community she lives in.

“Don’t say goodbye!” Niu Xiaoyu shouted her heart out in the latest episode of “The Screws Are Tightening” . “This is the voice of all the older children who don’t want to grow up or be separated from their families. They just want to use this movie to make a splash. We don’t want to see each other again. We don’t want to grow up. Can we stay in our childhood occasionally? Is the lost family together?”


The movie “No Goodbye, Fish Flower Pond”

In the movie, Xiaoye uses soft eyes to watch people and things in the past move back and forth in novel and even fantastical forms. Grandma sat in the bright old house with a peaceful attitude, as if nothing had been lost. Conflict and stress do not seem to exist, and the rift between life and death can be healed with tender dreams. This kind of tolerance and kindness of women is what Niu Xiaoyu hopes to convey through his films. “I think it is also a voice that is more needed in the current era.”

The poet Rilke once wrote in a letter to young poets, “The term woman is not only regarded as the opposite of man, but has some independent meaning, which makes us no longer think of ‘supplement’ and ‘boundary’ , thinking only of life and survival”. Niu Xiaoyu also believes that “a woman’s body itself can give birth to both women and men. In fact, women can exist as hermaphrodites. This is a particularly inclusive state, a kind of special kindness that breeds life and brings hope to the future. status.

Another guest in this issue of “The Screws Are Tightening” , Wang Erzhuo , the director of the movie “Goodbye, Paradise” , also shared his experience in creating his first feature film, “The stories and memories that moved me the most were made by Women speak.” “Goodbye, Paradise” presents the life histories of his grandmother, mother, and girlfriend, three generations of women.


The movie “Goodbye, Paradise”

In the movie, the grandmother is sitting among the leaves in the southern countryside, looking back on her life: “Ever since I can remember, I have been working non-stop every day.” The mother reflects on her love on the ladder of the school where she was employed. “Later, I found that I was completely different from him, he was realistic, and I was always ideal”, or shared a little poem of his own creation, “Beautiful moments are always unforgettable / Just like me and You / through the moment when the crowd meets”.

There is also Wang Erzhuo’s girlfriend, looking back at the youth of learning dance in a foreign land, the happiness and company between friends, and looking at her boyfriend who is behind the camera in the narration: “My boyfriend is a young film director. , After graduating from college, we were busy with our respective jobs and didn’t spend much time together. He always likes to travel around alone with a camera and shoot a lot of strange images. I can’t understand the things he took, but I Especially cherish the time with him.”


The movie “Goodbye, Paradise”

These are real, honest, and rare female stories on the big screen. For Wang Erzhuo, there is an inexplicable power in the memory of individual women, confronting the turbulence of life with courage and tenderness. “I sometimes think, is it really only a female voice that is suitable to tell the truth of an era?”

The female perspective revealed by the two young directors early in the first feature film coincides with the concept of “FIRST FRAME” . “No Goodbye, Fish Flower Pond” and “Goodbye, Paradise” were both shortlisted for the “FIRST FRAME First Frame” unit jointly opened by Chanel and FIRST Youth Film Festival in 2022, and the former also won the “FIRST FRAME First Frame” The unit’s newly established “Image of the Year” honor this year.


“No Goodbye, Fish Flower Pond” won the first frame of FIRST FRAME · Video of the Year honor

“FIRST FRAME First Frame” is coming to the second year. As one of the cultural projects that Chanel is deeply involved in in China, it pays special attention to female themes and supports local young filmmakers to create diverse female images. The preciousness and importance of the female perspective has now been recognized by society, but the expression of images still needs to be completed by future generations of filmmakers. In the future, what kind of stories we can see on the big screen and what kind of female images we meet depends entirely on their creations.

“Good filmmakers and good writers come at the same time.” Anchor Wu Qi observed, “I don’t really believe in that kind of genius narrative, or I think there is always a large group of geniuses under the genius narrative. Companion, then ta becomes possible.”

Niu Xiaoyu and Wang Erzhuo both work with their close friends and colleagues. Rather than competition, they argue, the new generation of creators is more about sharing a strong sense of identity. “We are not sharing a cake, we are making a big cake together,” Niu Xiaoyu said. And Wang Erzhuo believes that in the face of changes in the times, this generation of creators is actually “making the same movie”.


FIRST FRAME first frame theme forum

Even today’s most famous directors in film history were first and foremost inspired and inspired by their peers in their era. Madame Chanel was also an important promoter of the film movement of the 20th century. She called out the declaration of “I want to be a part of the future” early, supporting her contemporary artist friends, breaking the restrictions of the times, and releasing the pioneering nature of new creators. She collaborated with French director Jean Renoir many times, designing costumes for his films, and introduced Visconti, who was unknown at the time, to the former, making him Renoir’s assistant and entering the film industry from then on. Renoir and Visconti became the representatives of French naturalist films and Italian neorealist films respectively.

The “FIRST FRAME first frame” unit continues this spirit. They turn their attention to the latest generation of filmmakers, appreciate their pioneering narrative perspectives and image aesthetics, and give them solid support.

“We are always imagining the future and looking forward to the future, as if waiting for the wheel of history to bring us a very good future. But the future actually requires everyone to participate.” At the end of the show, Wu Qi said, “We are more gentle. , a little more generous, a little more forgiving, a little more patient, the creators of the younger generation, like Xiaoyu and Erzhuo, will answer the audience, who we are today, what kind of society we live in, and what will happen in the future ” I really feel like we need a little time for the future to come.


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“I want to be part of the future”

– What is the first frame of FIRST FRAME


Wang Erzhuo: The first feature film, to be made for the person I love the most


Niu Xiaoyu: Using Movies to Find a Way to Face Loss


Can we say goodbye? Is it okay to stay as a child occasionally?


The paradise in everyone’s heart will disappear with the passage of time


Passion to create: “I can’t stop creating”


The creative conundrum: “How to explain the times you live in, how to explain yourself”


A new generation of creators: We are not dividing the cake, but making a big cake together


Wu Qi: Genius always comes at the same time


What support do young filmmakers need most?

——Money, and the real test after having money


women and future

——“The story of this era should be given to women to tell”


items mentioned in the conversation

“FIRST FRAME First Frame”, the FIRST Youth Film Festival and Chanel jointly opened the “FIRST FRAME First Frame” unit, focusing on the diverse female images in the works of the new generation of Chinese filmmakers.

“Before Becoming a Director”, the China Film Directors Association joined hands with Chanel to support the CFDG China Youth Film Director Support Program (Scallion Program), jointly presenting the “Before Becoming a Director” special project, and through film master classes, themed film festivals and forums, to help Chinese films accumulate savings The creative power of youth.

“New Culture Producer”, Power Station of Art and Chanel Cultural Fund jointly launched the “New Culture Producer” project to stimulate new ideas and renewed practices in the field of Chinese contemporary handicrafts and architecture.

“Image Curator Award”, Jimei x Arles The “Image Curator Award” is jointly initiated by Three Shadows Photography Art Center and Chanel, with the core of supporting young image creativity, and is committed to discovering and cultivating outstanding young Chinese photographers. exhibitors and researchers.

Films mentioned in the conversation

“Mother’s Paradise” (2018), Director: Wang Erzhuo

“Adolescent Inhibition” (2018), Director: Niu Xiaoyu

“The Grandmaster” (2013), Director: Wong Kar-wai

public figures mentioned in the conversation

Hu Shuzhen, film editor

Liu Xuguang, artist, professor of Beijing Film Academy

Huang Shuli, photographer

Jean Renoir (1894-1979), French film director

Luchino Visconti di Modrone (1906-1976), Italian film and stage director

Music of this issue

Talking to himself, Duan Yingmei

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