The tank is 300 for a month, and I feel good in all aspects, but I can’t go out to play

My tank 300 has been picked up for a month, but when the epidemic suddenly became severe, I couldn’t go out to play.

Basically, it is local fishing. There are many places in Huizhou that are suitable for off-roading. The team has been prepared and some people will bring it, but it is impossible to make the trip. I just hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible.

Tell me about your car usage this month.

Fuel consumption: I tried running the commuting route to and from get off work for a few days (including urban areas, highways, and national roads). The fuel consumption is about 10L per 100 kilometers. The high-speed can only cruise within 110. When running to 120, the fuel consumption soars, the wind resistance is too large, and the most comfortable The speed is maintained between 70-90 on expressways and national highways.

I have also been to the center of Yaodu a few times and the fuel consumption is 15L per 100 kilometers. In addition to the bad road of fishing and low-speed driving, the comprehensive fuel consumption is now 12.3L/100 kilometers.

It is also very high in fuel consumption. After all, you will not drive a tank in the urban area every day. Traveling is basically highways and national roads and rural roads. It is estimated that the fuel consumption is about 10. Off-road fuel consumption is another calculation, which can be said to be uncapped.

Interior: I don’t think it has anything to do with luxury (both self-media and official positioning like to say luxury), but it is still very harmonious and looks quite atmospheric.

Car machine: a bit stuck, carplay will occasionally get stuck, and it needs to be restarted… but it has little impact. It is more troublesome to have no physical buttons for the air conditioner and fan, and I am not used to voice control.

Sound insulation: The city road surface is very sound insulation, basically can not hear tire noise and other environmental noise. Wind noise will be more obvious at high speed, after all, the impact surface is too large.

Comfort configuration: The only thing to complain about is the massage function of the main driver, which is the up and down mobile version of the lumbar support function… It’s better not to do it…

Space: The front and rear rows are not bad, the trunk is a bit short, but the vertical space is relatively large and needs to be changed and used later.

Modification direction:

Let’s change the storage and appearance parts first, the sticker group players must do it

Then there are the arched hangers of the trunk and the middle plate, the roof platform, the side tent canopy, the ladder, the small external box (I don’t plan to install the roof tent, and it will not go into the garage at home), and the metal athletic bars on the front and rear sides And the huge bullbar, the canopy and the grille consider getting a cool one.

Go out and play for a while to see what aspects of off-roading are lacking, and then consider strengthening the wheels, tires, shock absorbers, elevation, and lighting in all directions.

Ancestors, if you have any interest to ask, please leave a comment~

When I can go out to the market, I will take more photos and videos of off-road camping for you.

Lynk tank, two grams~~

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