The ultimate optimization tutorial for the strongest Potplayer on the surface to achieve the strongest picture quality for PC video playback

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A handy player this year, a powerful player is necessary. At present, there are actually only three types of video players: MPC-HC, Mplayer, and VLC player. The rest can be understood as various shells and various customizations. Versions with various modifications. (The predecessor km of potplayer is based on MPC), of which MPC-HC has built-in LAV Filters, but Potplayer can be customized more and more playable, so using Potplayer to build the most perfect HD solution is obviously Potplayer ( Main player) + LAV Filters (separator) + madVR (renderer) + xy-VSFilter (subtitle filter), of course, this so-called perfect solution is a solution with serious high energy consumption. Not good, but this…

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