The uncle who returned from another world will not be able to return for the time being

Why is such an excellent animation in the eyes of the audience that “whoever suffers can’t get it” has fallen into a desperate situation where there is no film to broadcast?

As an “anti-routine” animation in another world, “Uncle in Another World” can be regarded as a popular work in this July drama. It is about the hero who went to the hospital to pick up his uncle who had been in a coma for 17 years due to a car accident. , but found that this uncle was actually wandering in a different world full of “sword and magic” during this time, and even after waking up, he could still use all kinds of magic.

When most of the “Alien World” works are still focusing on the grand narrative of national hatred and the protagonist’s adventure in “Long Aotian”, the first thing he did when he returned to reality was to ask his uncle, “How is Sega in the host war?” Like a clear stream.

得知世嘉早已停止推出主机竞争的舅舅为此对自己施加了忘却魔法 Knowing that Sega had already stopped launching console competition, his uncle cast forget magic on himself.

The story revolves around how this uncle adapts to the long-lost modern life and his memories of traveling in a different world. It is a daily work full of various contrasting jokes and ACG memes.

Since its broadcast, “Uncle in Another World” has received good responses from all over the world, both on Nico and Douban.


However, due to various reasons, the domestic genuine version of this film was not released on station B until more than half of it was broadcast in July, and the name was changed to “Uncle Fantasy World”.


Just when everyone was teasing “New episodes in July and September”, “Uncle from Another World”, which had just finished the 8th episode on TV, issued an official announcement, saying that the original 12-episode animation will be broadcast here. The remaining one month slot will replay the previous episodes.

The return of my uncle from another world came to an abrupt end.


The uncle in the story has encountered a lot of ups and downs in another world.

He was treated as a mutant orc because he was ugly, and he was discriminated against and bullied everywhere, and he couldn’t find a way to return home. Despite his powerful magic from his adventures in Sega games (and a heart that has endured school bullying), he’s still a fringe figure in that world.

单纯因为容貌就到哪儿都会受到排斥 You will be rejected wherever you go simply because of your looks

In reality, the experience of the work “Uncle in Another World” is just as ill-fated as the uncle himself, always swinging between “lucky” and “unfortunate”.

The pen name of the original author of the comic is “Kai ど dies ん で い る”, which literally translates to “almost dead”. As his name suggests, he is quite low-key on the Internet, and he almost only reposts information related to “Uncle in Another World” on Twitter.

But there are also many signs that he has been in the fandom at least ten years ago, and has drawn all-age comics for works such as “Steins Gate” and “Fleet Collection”, but until 2018, he Finally, he started to serialize his first manga online, “Uncle from Another World”, on the manga website owned by Kadokawa.

Although it was not a hit, “Uncle From Another World” has accumulated a small group of loyal fans, including some Chinese readers. The author also thanked the sponsors for the sponsorship from Chinese readers.

至于此前网上盛传的“来自中国读者的资助支撑了作者继续连载”则有些言过其实,在国内汉化组赞助作者的时候,《异世界舅舅》实则已经出版了单行本且销量不错 As for the previous rumors on the Internet that “funding from Chinese readers supports the author’s continued serialization”, it is a bit exaggerated. When the domestic sinicization group sponsored the author, “Uncle in Another World” has actually been published in a single volume and sold well.

This work can be loved by readers in the early stage, and to a certain extent, it also benefits from the “Sega feelings” contained in it.

The uncle in the story showed an extraordinary obsession with Sega games – he was hit by a car because he was going to buy the latest Sega game, and the first thing he did after waking up was to ask about the current situation of Sega and support him in another world. What has lived a hellish life is also the memories and expectations brought to him by Sega games…


The image of the uncle corresponds to the real “Sega Youth”, they are also haunted by the decline of Sega, and they are also obsessed with the glory of Sega games on the Internet, giving people the feeling that they are out of touch with modern society 17 Uncle of the year. Therefore, the various plots that allude to reality in the comics can always make people smile.

But at the same time, many scenes in this comic also show that the author has a lot of love for the history of Sega, which is enough to make people believe that the author himself is a “Sega Qing”, and the plump image of “uncle” is more from Because of his self-deprecation rather than ridicule, he is clever about the scale of “laughing at people but not laughing at people”.

This also allows this work to be pleasing on both sides, and no matter what the reader’s attitude towards Sega games is, they can enjoy the reading process.

在漫画举办的第一次人气投票中,获得作品中人气第二名的角色是——世嘉土星主机 In the first popularity vote held by the comics, the second most popular character in the work was the Sega Saturn host

Perhaps it is for this reason that Sega also acquiesced in “Uncle Another World” to directly quote the name and even the character image of its own game in the story, instead of changing its name to avoid copyright issues as is common in other spoof works. When this adaptation of the animation is about to be released, Sega even made his uncle a linked character in its mobile game “Chain of War”, allowing him to meet his “first love” Sonic in the game.

“舅舅赢麻了” “Uncle wins hemp”

From being unknown to “successful chasing stars” and then being adapted into a popular animation, the history of “Uncle in Another World” was originally a “counter-attack cool article”, but all of this fell to the bottom with the suspension of the broadcast. The title of the single episode stayed at “Sega games are useful for life”.

It’s no wonder that even the audience couldn’t help but complain – “This is probably the fate of the man who chose Sega”.

指“一帆风顺的轻松人生” Means “smooth and easy life”


In fact, until the official confirmation of the suspension, most viewers remained optimistic about the production status of “Uncle in Another World”. After all, judging from the number of episodes that have been broadcast, this can be regarded as a well-made work. It’s not the kind of cheap animation that is shoddy and hurried. The title animation alone pays tribute to Sega-related games in almost every frame.

油管上的usanekowanwan考据了OP中出现的诸多致敬细节 The usanekowanwan on the tubing is based on many tribute details that appeared in the OP

The overall painting style of the original comics is rough and casual, and there are many Yanyi bridges with broken expressions, but when it comes to drawing girls, they are extraordinarily delicate and lovely. Unique, readers affectionately refer to them as “aunts”.

舅舅和“大舅妈”显然不在一个画风,足以令人感慨难怪舅舅在异世界会被当兽人 The uncle and the “big aunt” are obviously not in the same style of painting, which is enough to make people feel that it is no wonder that the uncle will be regarded as an orc in another world.

In the adaptation of the animation, the charm of the original work has basically been restored, the funny scenes can poke people’s laughter, and when the girl is cute, it can be lovable.


On the other hand, most of the voice actors in this animation are well-known voice actors who are familiar to the audience, and even come with a lot of voice actors, such as the voice of my uncle, Zi An Wuren once dubbed Shigeru Aoba in EVA. There are many similarities in the image, and the story is also the stalk of the straight ball playing EVA.

“舅舅我啊,年轻时可是演过EVA的” “My uncle, I played EVA when I was young.”

Although several “aunts” are supporting roles, they are also starred by the seiyuu of the permanent heroines such as Tomatsu Haruka and Toyosaki Aisho, which makes people feel that the production team has a lot of leeway in casting roles.

Not to mention that this film was also bought out by Netflix, which has a lot of money, for the network broadcasting rights in most areas. In everyone’s previous impression, Netflix’s copyright fee alone is enough to cover the production expenses of a small-cost animation, and the drought and flood guarantee income. .

But it happened to be such an excellent animation in the eyes of the audience that “whoever suffers can’t get it” has fallen into a desperate situation where there is no film to broadcast.

In the official announcement, the production team attributed the suspension to the recent fluctuating epidemic in Japan, saying that the number of infected employees in the company had surged, and the construction period had to be suspended for the sake of everyone’s health.


This statement seems quite reasonable, and most of the comments in the comment area are messages of solidarity and comfort with the production team. But in some animation-related forums, there are also many viewers who do not buy it.

After all, there are so many animations in the current season, but “Uncle in Another World” has been seriously affected to the point of “opening the skylight”, not to mention that “Uncle Party” has previously revealed on Twitter that the behind-the-scenes management of this animation is quite chaotic, “Three The animation that will be broadcast in the next week has not yet found an artist to start work.”

最终没赶上 didn’t catch up

Atelier Pontdarc, who is in charge of animation production, is a new studio established in 2020. Before that, he was only responsible for the production of the online instant noodles fan “Same Sauce”.

The new company lacks experience in process management and foreign aid connections – this is considered the real reason for the suspension of “Uncle in Another World”, but the epidemic is more like an excuse.


The 2015 animation “White Box” is a work based on local materials and depicting the working conditions of the Japanese animation production industry at that time.

In the story, it is almost common for the production team to fail to keep up with the schedule due to various circumstances, and even the film that will be broadcast at night has not received the original painting in charge of the artist on that day. The mantra of the director of production in the film is “All plans are done きた”, which means “there is nothing to do”.


So later, among the audience, everyone often used “everything to do” to describe the situation where the production of an animation was in trouble and could not keep up with the broadcast schedule.

Of course, there are many ways in the industry to deal with “all strategies”. Some relatively bad production teams will directly hand in half-finished animations, and wait until the DVD version is released to find a chance to revise, and all kinds of “painting collapsed” scenes come from this;

赶不上工期有赶不上工期的画法——《弁魔士塞西尔》 If you can’t catch up with the construction period, there is a painting method that can’t catch up with the construction period – “Cecile”

The “total episode” is another common tactic of slowing down. The production team has edited the number of previously broadcast episodes into an animation equivalent to one episode in length, euphemistically called it helping the audience sort out and summarize the previous plot.

This reason could have fooled people twenty years ago, but now it is equivalent to publicly proclaiming that “all strategies are exhausted”. There have even been works like “Kill La Kill”, where it was announced in advance that the next episode was a “total episode”, but in fact, it only took 30 seconds to review the plot, and then it was full of new content, reverse publicity to earn gimmicks.

“一分钟讲完16集” “16 episodes in one minute”

In 2017, “Just Because!” inserted a special episode called “Suddenly, Just Because! Journey” when the animation was broadcast to the seventh week. Tour”.

尽管是一集简单的Vlog,但也调集了不少当地的场景与人员资源 Although it is a simple Vlog episode, it also mobilized a lot of local scenes and personnel resources

Everyone knows that this is a content that was rushed to cope with the inability of the animation production to keep up with the progress, but they can also feel that Pine Jam, who was also a new company at the time, tried his best to prove his sincerity.

In other words, even if some coping methods are not very decent, a situation like “Uncle Another World” that is completely stopped in the middle of the broadcast is still the “worst ending” that everyone can’t avoid. After all, this way of handling will also bring various follow-up effects, the first of which is “how to broadcast the content after it is made”.

Most of the Japanese animations broadcast on TV have to be purchased by the production committee from the TV station, which is essentially a promotional channel for spending money to promote the DVDs, original comics and peripheral products that will be launched later. Nowadays, repeating the episodes that have just been released is equivalent to wasting the schedule bought with real money, and the advertising effect is also greatly reduced.

Not to mention that the remaining half-season of “Uncle Another World” has not even entered the production process, and there is a question mark when it can be finished; after this part is completed, it will be difficult to find a suitable schedule to broadcast on the TV station. .

That year’s “Girls’ Chariot” and the more recent “86 Non-Existing War Zone” also failed to catch up with the production progress during the broadcast period, which led to the failure of the remaining two episodes to be broadcast smoothly. Zhou Xun only asked for a beginning and an end when he saw a needle in the schedule, and at least five episodes of “Uncle From Another World”, which had not been broadcast, could be imagined how difficult it was to find a schedule.

Therefore, the current suspension of “Uncle in Another World” can be said to be the result of “all strategies” in the true sense, which is undoubtedly a heavy blow to a newly established studio. If it weren’t for the fact that there are now online broadcasts, the ending of this animation is mostly due to the fact that the North can’t be found, and the follow-up production status is still making people sweat.

The only thing that everyone knows is that the genuine version broadcasted two months behind in China probably has a chance to catch up with the progress.


Although there are not too many examples of “giving up treatment” like “Uncle in Another World”, it is still common in the industry for Japanese animation to be forced to adjust halfway through the broadcast.

The production team used to weave various reasons to explain such a situation, but in the past two years, “the recent surge in the number of infections in the company” has almost become a unified narrative.

In the eyes of the outside world, this is naturally one of the manifestations of Japan’s ineffective anti-epidemic policies; but in the eyes of some viewers, such pretexts are becoming similar to “the wolf is coming”.

On the one hand, most of the problems that frequently occur are medium-cost projects in charge of small-scale new companies. In the production process of such animations, they rely heavily on overseas outsourcing from China, South Korea, Thailand and other places. The imagination of the local epidemic. Even before the epidemic, such projects were the hardest hit areas.

In contrast, Toei Animation, which manages more projects at the same time, also had a large-scale suspension in March this year, but the reason was that it was hacked and extorted, resulting in the production content being locked and delayed production.

包括《海贼王》《数码宝贝》在内的多部动画一度因此停播两个月,《龙珠》剧场版也延期上映 Many animations including “One Piece” and “Digimon” were suspended for two months because of this, and the theatrical version of “Dragon Ball” was also postponed.

On the other hand, although the reasons for “for the health of employees” sound high-sounding, those familiar with the Japanese animation industry know that this is a labor-intensive job with low pay. Whether it is an artist or a production, many low-level practitioners The status quo of the survival of the people is “stop and stop”.

The suspension of animation production may only be a loss on the books from the perspective of the enterprise, but for employees, it is a survival problem of “how to pay next month’s rent” and “whether to eat dinner today”, even more urgent than “the risk of infection with the new crown”.

Just as “Uncle Another World” is called a “tragedy wrapped in a comedy shell”, most of the laughs in the film come from the contrast between Uncle’s tragic life experience and his open-minded and optimistic character; Behind the animation of our laughter, can the producers who have invested their efforts still live with a smile on their faces?

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