The ups and downs in the era of big data

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Transportation, shopping, medical treatment, tourism, safety… In the past few years, big data has brought a lot of changes to people’s production and life. The application of big data is actually an important stage in the development of the information society, and the application of big data has brought a profound impact on economic and social life.

With the progress of the times, people’s life and technology are gradually integrating, and the Internet has gradually become a part of people’s lives. Massive data, with its fast speed, large storage, diverse types and high application value, rapidly collects, stores, associates, mines new knowledge, creates new value, and enhances new capabilities into a large number of scattered and diverse data. Technology and new forms of business come close.

With the continuous development of big data, a comprehensive intelligent network structure will be formed. A large wave of new forms of work, new learning methods, and new entertainment methods are emerging, as well as new business transaction methods, management models, and social management models. The emergence of big data has also made human beings full of longing for their own future.

“Big data” penetrates into all aspects of life

Today’s society is inseparable from the Internet, and big data makes people from “invisible” to “understandable”, constantly changing people’s daily behavior. For example, Baidu,, Sina, Douyin, WeChat, etc., can allow people to understand the things around them from different angles. In recent years, with the rapid economic development and changes in the scope and depth of radiation, the digital economy has formed the reconfiguration of global factor resources, the reshaping of the global economic structure, and the new trend of global competition.

Through reading and browsing on the Internet, we constantly acquire a reflection of “big data” (users’ habits and hobbies). For example: in the press, when searching for hot spots, there will be a lot of information. Sina Weibo can obtain keyword forecasts based on hotspots or characteristics of hotspots, providing users with in-depth analysis of hotspot issues; Tencent Weibo will provide users with personal opinions based on their preferences; Baidu Maps will provide users with personal opinions based on your area or location. The weather in the city reminds you of your travel mode, which is for the benefit of the common people.

The development of the Internet has drastically changed our living environment. The masses use mobile phones, largely because we use our mobile phones to surf the Internet, not to buy online. Therefore, when shopping online, people often use mobile phones. The mobile phone is one of the tools that people need most, which can convey people’s communication and communication methods to people.

Everyone’s use of the Internet or mobile terminal will generate data and traces, which reflect a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s income, class, consumption concept, hobbies, education and other aspects. By collecting this data, enterprises conduct a series of analysis and matching, and finally push you “the goods or services they think you should need”.

Big data in the new era

Big data is the combination of new technology and new technology, and it is a major driving force for the transformation of modern society. It is used in a wide range and involves various fields of economic activities and social life. At present, my country is transforming into an industrial network and developing in the direction of finance, education, medical care, and e-commerce. In today’s world, big data has become an indispensable technological means.

The application of big data technology can make predictions and judgments on the behavior characteristics of people and machines through the analysis of people and machines, so as to provide reference for the daily production and life of enterprises. By analyzing a large amount of data, useful information can be extracted from the large amount of data, thereby providing decision support for the daily production and life of the enterprise. In addition, because big data technology can realize the intelligent control of people and machines, people are no longer just the target of information manipulation, but are regarded as the main business target. The integration of artificial intelligence and big data technology will give people a new experience, and intelligent data will also make people’s applications in reality more intelligent.

Today, when it brings convenience to people’s daily activities, the application of big data technology has also brought many guarantees for the safety of people’s lives and property. In recent years, telecommunications fraud has become a major method of fraud. The public security organs have used artificial intelligence technology to conduct statistics of various types of information up to trillions of times, and conduct intelligent qualitative and accurate prediction of risk behaviors for specific groups of people. Fraud early warning and pre-judgment of crimes, to achieve post-event to pre-event prevention. With the establishment of the early warning system, big data analysis shows that telecommunications fraud has decreased year-on-year, the filing rate has decreased, and the detection rate has increased year-on-year, protecting people’s property safety.

In addition to maintaining our assets through the use of big data technology by the public security organs, many residential areas also provide residents with a security guarantee through the “network + intelligence” model. After real-name registration and portrait information collection on the smart community platform, residents of the community can open the door by swiping their mobile phones, ID cards and face. The system provides citizens with convenient and safe access, and also provides public security and comprehensive management departments with relevant information such as the records of people entering and leaving the community, and the storage of images of door openings. Through analysis, the relevant units can comprehensively perceive, predict and warn the operation status of the city, thus providing a reliable guarantee for the traceability of accidents.

With the development of society and economy, a large amount of information is generated from the daily activities of human beings. After analysis, it can be from macro to micro, from production to after-sales, and then to all aspects of daily life. Through these materials, we can understand what will be closely related to our life in the future in the enterprise, and transform it into various forms.

The development trend of big data technology in the future

The development of the Internet has greatly promoted the development and future of human beings. In the process of social informatization, big data is a method for dynamic simulation and management of social and economic development. The development of big data is a brand new period, and the application of big data is becoming more and more extensive and diversified. It is necessary to strengthen the comprehensive utilization of existing information and data, improve the service level for the people, and make people’s production and life more convenient.

At present, our network technology has made achievements in many fields, and our users are also accessing various services through the network. With the vigorous implementation of “network + service” in my country, various places are actively discussing the use of information technology to improve the management level, service capability and comprehensive level. “Network +” services will bring more convenient and fast public information services to the masses. Through network technology, the government has integrated government services scattered in various places and different industries. The open nature of the Internet enables flexibility and specificity in acquiring, processing and using data. Through Internet technology, existing data can be directly used for public services, so that citizens’ information has been more strictly protected and guaranteed by law.

With the advent of informatization, my country’s rapid economic development and social informatization construction have laid a good foundation. Big data has brought new content and methods to our development, and injected new vitality into the traditional development model and industrial development. The combination of big data technology and traditional industries will play a huge role in promoting the development of my country’s economy.

Today, with the increasing popularity of big data applications, people are increasingly concerned about the relationship between data and how to use big data for effective applications. Big data technology is in a brand-new research and application environment. The optimal allocation of resources by using big data methods is conducive to the optimal allocation of resources, thereby promoting the development of society and the overall improvement of people’s quality of life.

Big data technology is the key to improving people’s quality of life. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s livelihood issues such as health, education, and employment continue to increase, which also provides new impetus and opportunities for the development of big data technology. At the same time, big data technology can analyze and excavate a large amount of information in social and economic aspects, so that it can be fully applied in real life and development.

In the era of big data, the interaction between people and things and between people will be an inevitable trend. Information and data are the two most basic factors, mastering them will make our life more convenient. Today, with the prevalence of the network economy, people’s research on big data has generated great interest and expectations. However, compared with the Internet age, with the rapid development of large databases, a large amount of data has penetrated into the daily life of human beings, and the understanding and viewpoints of large databases have also changed accordingly.

With its diverse changes and high application value, massive data rapidly interacts with data in various formats. Data connects people to people, and people to the world, forming a dense network. Everyone is influencing the world and being influenced by others.


At present, the basic conditions for the development and utilization of big data in my country have begun to take shape, and there are broad development prospects and huge economic benefits, but there are also problems such as: insufficient opening and sharing, weak industrial foundation, insufficient top-level design and overall planning, The relatively backward legal system construction and the small scope of innovation and application need to be solved urgently.

Data has never been so closely related to our daily life, and has never been so active as it is today, specifically recording human beings and the world. Despite the negative effects of massive amounts of data, we are also constantly creating, improving, and utilizing this information in our daily lives. With these materials, all things have clues, all things can be traced back to the source, and the big data industry will become more and more mature and more popular.

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