“The visible range can be modified in the circle of friends” is that WeChat is afraid that no one will post it in the circle of friends

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WeChat has always been worried that users add too many friends, because the more people they add, the less “acquaintances” they have.

For the protection of personal privacy, the sharing of personal life will inevitably be reduced.

The reduction of personal life sharing will lead to the instrumentalization of WeChat, which obviously does not want to be instrumented.

(Zhang Xiaolong said that he hopes WeChat is a tool that can be used and left?)

The price of instrumentalization is to reduce the psychological burden of users to replace social tools, which leads to the loss of users.

WeChat has been around for so many years, can it still not solve these problems well?

“The visible range of Moments can be modified” is that WeChat is afraid that no one will post Moments first in [Mi Suisui] s5s5 .

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