The work report of the general manager of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange: the “three principles” of the registration system reform will be implemented, and the preparations for the registration system will be actively promoted in the whole market

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 Titan Media App reported on July 30 that the general manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange will implement the "three principles" of the registration system reform, actively promote the preparations for the registration system in the whole market, and ensure the smooth implementation of the reform; stick to the positioning of the ChiNext, and strengthen the whole chain review Check, consolidate the responsibilities of issuers and intermediaries, and maintain the high-quality operation of the ChiNext registration system. Continue to promote the improvement of the quality of listed companies, improve the basic system, strengthen information disclosure, and smooth the diversified exit channels. Give full play to its location advantages, actively integrate into the "dual-zone" construction and Shenzhen's comprehensive reform pilot, promote the implementation of tasks such as the construction of a trading center for scientific and technological achievements and intellectual property rights, and the construction of a bond platform in the Greater Bay Area, and steadily implement the interconnection depositary receipt business. Horizontal two-way open.

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