The world premiere of the blockbuster new car, the Lemon hybrid power circle, the all-new Haval shines at the Chengdu Auto Show

On August 26, at the just-opened 25th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition, the Haval brand participated in the exhibition with the theme of “The New Haval Electric Future”. Haval H6 Super Hybrid DHT and Haval H-DOG led the new energy The gathering of the family fully demonstrated Haval’s extraordinary influence and profound strength as a leader in SUVs in China.


Comprehensive transformation of Haval into the new energy track

Based on the mission of the times and market insights, Haval is entering the new energy track at full speed. Mu Feng, President of Great Wall Motors, said at the Haval New Energy Strategy Conference on August 22: “As the largest vehicle segment of Great Wall Motors, Haval It will usher in a comprehensive transformation of new energy. This will be a milestone for Haval, and it is also the firmest step taken by Great Wall Motors on the road of comprehensive transformation to new energy, marking that Great Wall Motor’s new energy strategy has been fully launched.” At the same time, Haval also released a new new energy strategy, brand identity and brand positioning, opening a new chapter for Haval brand.


The competition in the field of new energy is not only a battle of enterprises, but also a battle of ecology. In Great Wall Motors, this ecological system is called “forest-style ecology”, which is a set of ecological systems that take the vehicle as the core, comprehensively deploy new energy, intelligent and other related technology industries, realize the interaction of multiple species and continue to evolve. system. Relying on the empowerment of Great Wall Motor’s “forest-style ecology” system, Haval’s new energy strategy has achieved global advancement in battery technology, smart cockpit, and smart driving.


At the press conference of the auto show, Haval brand CEO Li Xiaorui reiterated: “Haval will focus on the new track with the new positioning of ‘new energy SUV expert’, comprehensively accelerate the transformation of new energy, and reshape the new energy market.” Haval will face the changes of the times, The confidence of comprehensive leadership comes from a strong R&D and supply chain guarantee system, the top-level super hybrid technology and the most comprehensive product category layout. Strong multi-dimensional support helps Haval to quickly switch to the new energy track.

Lemon Hybrid DHT technology is the best solution for current travel

In the current new energy market, the price of pure electric vehicles remains high, making it unaffordable for most users; the extended-range technology has shortcomings such as high-speed fatigue and poor fuel economy. In contrast, the Lemon Hybrid DHT can achieve a perfect balance between power and fuel consumption in various driving scenarios through intelligent switching of the control system.



Thanks to the two-speed dual-motor hybrid architecture, models equipped with the Lemon Hybrid DHT architecture have the performance and efficiency advantages of full-speed range and full-scene: in the urban low-speed driving scene, the system operates in pure electric and series mode. , so that the engine is always kept in the best energy efficiency range, and the vehicle is directly driven by the drive motor, which has a quick start and fast power response, and the driving experience is comparable to that of a pure electric vehicle. In suburban and high-speed travel, the system can ensure the operating efficiency of the engine through the intelligent switching between the power gear direct drive and the economy gear direct drive gear, and the driving in the medium and high speed range is more than 1000Nm larger than that of the single-gear hybrid architecture.


In high-speed overtaking and hill-climbing scenarios, the direct drive of the power gear is used to reduce the engine load, so that the engine works in the optimal economic zone. During the gear shifting and die changing process, the generator is used to assist speed regulation and drive motor torque compensation to ensure that the switching process is free of charge. Power interruption, no impact, truly meet the needs of users in all scenarios.

Advanced strength leads the new track Haval H6 super hybrid DHT is coming

At the auto show, the Haval New Energy family led by the Haval H6 super hybrid DHT twins made their debut on the stage, detonating the auto show, attracting countless audiences to check in, so that more users can enjoy the value equality created by the advanced technology of Chinese brands.


Aiming at the core user “pain points” such as mileage anxiety and safety anxiety that currently affect consumers’ purchase of new energy products, Haval H6 Super Hybrid DHT has made targeted reinforcements to meet the consumption needs of different user groups. To this end, Haval sent Haval H6 Super Hybrid DHT to China’s authoritative testing institution, China Automotive Research Institute, and did four extreme challenges.



Among them, the PHEV model of Haval H6 Super Hybrid DHT has a final cruising range of 1,178 kilometers after 43 hours of uninterrupted driving in the “100-degree temperature difference endurance challenge” test, which intuitively shows the endurance capability of the new car in the most scientific and rigorous way. and reliability, solving users’ mileage anxiety.


The battery equipped with the third-generation H6 super hybrid DHT has also undergone three major safety challenges that exceed the national standard of extrusion, burning and immersion, all of which have been successfully completed, completely solving the safety pain points of the new energy vehicle industry for users. The last shortcoming of new energy vehicles is filled by Haval.


The reason why Haval H6 Super Hybrid DHT dares to challenge these extreme tests is mainly because it is equipped with Haval’s brand-new “Core Armor” power battery. This battery pack uses a 1.6mm ultra-high-strength steel box with a melting point of up to 1500 ℃, which is three times higher than the heat resistance of the aluminum shell. In the test, it has withstood the fire test with twice the strength of the national standard test.


It adopts a specially designed anti-high pressure water spray structure design and applies a high compression ratio, anti-aging silicon foam seal, so that the battery pack can keep the sealing intact under the continuous spray of 10MPa high pressure and 85°C high temperature hot water; The internal module of the strength battery pack safety frame is integrated with a 15mm aluminum alloy energy-absorbing end plate, which effectively resists external impact and is not easy to crack. This power battery also has an all-weather battery safety management system, which can diagnose and monitor in real time 24 hours a day based on cloud big data, and can achieve millisecond-level response.


In addition, based on the advanced intelligent driving experience, 100M in-vehicle Ethernet, and high-level active and passive safety design, Haval H6 Hybrid DHT will become the user’s exclusive mobile space and utilize more electricity brought by new energy genes. Drive application scenarios, create more extreme power and maneuverability, and open up a new experience of smart travel.

With more reliable and safer hybrid technology, Haval H6 Super Hybrid DHT became the focus of the market as soon as it was released. It took only 3 days to get 6,000+ orders, and it continued to write the myth of “national car”.

The world premiere of the heavy new car, the dog category family adds another hero

In addition to the Haval H6 Super Hybrid DHT, the strategic product, the third new car in the dog category: Haval H-DOG also made its global debut at this auto show. As the first electric hybrid SUV on the 3/4 scale, and also the first plug-in hybrid SUV in the light off-road field, Haval H-DOG will have an advanced size, more comfortable driving space, and more surging driving control. The performance, as well as the off-road advantages far exceeding the same level, truly meet the users’ demands for “city, wild, and electric” vehicles in all scenarios.


Haval H-DOG adopts a brand-new trendy and wild power aesthetic design. While maintaining the rough off-road style in appearance and interior design, it also makes some fine craftsmanship so that you who love off-road can also be treated gently; With a vehicle length of 4.7m and a wheelbase of over 2800mm, it reshapes a new benchmark for mid-size SUV market value with more professional and comprehensive product strength, allowing drivers and passengers to enjoy a wide and comfortable space.


Haval H-DOG adopts a 1.5T+DHT-PHEV powertrain with a total torque of 530N m and a total power of 240kW, which is comparable to the strong performance of the joint venture brand 2.5T medium and large SUV engine. It is also equipped with a BorgWarner intelligent electronically controlled four-wheel drive system, as well as 2 differential locks + 9 all-terrain modes for professional off-road configuration, so as to fully meet users’ demands for tide travel. Haval H-DOG will continue to uphold the innovative attitude of daring to be the first in the dog category to help users explore a broader life margin.


Through the empowerment of new strategies, new products and new technologies, the Haval brand has once again become the focus of attention at this Chengdu Auto Show, attracting countless fans. The change in the new energy era is a lasting challenge. Haval will create a new low-carbon and energy-saving travel ecology with better technology, better products, better experience, and more users.

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