The world will be good?

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△ 246|Will this world be better?

To answer this question, we must first answer another question that does not seem to be very relevant – can the truth be right or wrong?

Generally speaking, when you reach a certain stage of age, you will begin to yearn to answer some topics that belong to the adult world. For example, people are more willing to listen to “good lies” and “ugly truths.” These questions were accidentally set as the question of right and wrong between A and B. It seems that it is a topic that only adults can think about in the world. In fact, has it been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people as early as that era? Try to recall, how many diaries and essays actually happened in your elementary school education, put aside those contents that must be thought of to love the country and the party, respect the old and love the young, study hard, and serve the motherland , It seems that there are not many things worthy of being written down. Even if there are, they are considered to be “running accounts” because they do not have a “correct answer” intention.

Generally speaking, even the diary of an outing must have a very standard concept – either the grand “the rapid development of the motherland is vivid in my mind”, or the slightly smaller format “We should protect the natural environment.” , this is the home where we all live together.” In these garden diaries, the students either picked up garbage to protect the environment before leaving, or they wanted to serve the motherland and build a more beautiful motherland when they grew up. I did write a garden diary that did not meet the “standard answer”. It was a chronicle of the scene where classmates took out their carefully prepared food to compare with each other during a picnic at noon. Naturally, I was scolded by the language teacher.

Therefore, when “good lies” and “bad truths”, such a combination of right and wrong, first appeared in the world of children, it is conceivable. Children, they not only have to draw a clear line with the children in the lower grades, but also want to be on an equal footing with the world, and even feel that their parents can no longer understand the joys and worries of their age. This kind of subject is full of philosophical implications that are only available in the adult world. As for the answer, they don’t know – just like in today’s society, there is no one who can answer the question “how will the world be?” – Even if there is, the person who raised the problem has already been solved in the first place.

Because only in the adult world will people realize another, more “deadly” issue – that is, should the truth be made public?

I remember when I was in junior high school, a teacher took a group of students who were close to him to ride a bicycle on Binjiang Road near the school at night, and one of the students was involved in a car accident. If this matter is changed to the present, the teacher will definitely be fired or even involved in a lawsuit. But “fortunately”, at that time, the classmates who were close to him were not only at an age where legal boundaries had not yet been formed, and the world was more important than rules and order, but there was also a reason that everyone regarded this teacher as “” “Spiritual leader”, so even the parents of the students didn’t seem to have too much “trouble” with this teacher afterwards – but in comparison, I should be considered one of the “trouble”.

Because the next day I probably guessed what happened, but I also knew that this matter would logically be very serious, but when I saw the expressions of people who participated in this incident, they were panic-stricken and tight-lipped. After all, I am not that one. The internal members of the “Family Group”, so I didn’t ask much. But I’m not dead. I’m someone who can easily guess what the other person is thinking and recognize emotions, so I asked my classmates in the “kinship group” who have a good relationship with me in private—did something happen to so-and-so?

This inquiry made the entire “family group” feel scared, and they became suspicious of each other, who leaked the information they had agreed to keep secret. Because there are people in the “family group” who have a relatively good relationship with me, they were immediately suspected, whether they were talking too much. As a result, I was called to the office by this teacher, who threatened me not to make the matter public. In fact, I was a little aggrieved at the moment. I just guessed correctly, but I wasn’t sure if my guess was true or not. He talked to me alone like this, but it made me feel as if I had discovered some great secret.

Of course, in the second year of secondary school, it is inevitable that I will feel sad because I am “excluded”. Although I usually seem to get along with them, I am not part of the “family group” at the critical moment, so more or less Also a little indignant. But after thinking about it again and again, I also followed the rules of the game here, and I didn’t reveal any truth that I guessed to the outside world – because at that time I realized that the truth hurt not only those who were already lying in the hospital bed. The party, and the party who ordered the insider to be tight-lipped.

But after all, this matter was known by a “third person”, so the teacher finally had to stop it, forcing him to announce the matter in the class, but this matter still did not involve the slightest “truth”, he just said A classmate was injured in a traffic accident, so he was hospitalized, and I hope everyone will not spread rumors. Of course, when he said the second half of the sentence, he was obviously looking at me.

You will find that at this time, the “truth” is no longer hurt by the experiencer of the truth and the concealer of the truth. If the truth is to be published again, the whole person who hides the truth from each other will be hurt and has already told the “fake” a thousand times. It has become a “family group” that persuades him of the truth. Of course, if I really stand up and announce the truth at this time, because there are already more authoritative people who have asked everyone not to spread rumors, and I announce the “truth” without understanding at this time, then I will also be hurt, because Nobody will trust me.

But having said that, there is no right or wrong in this matter. Even the students and their parents have forgiven the teacher, and the teacher has also protected the truth and protected the truth through such a method. For everyone who was injured (including me), the good fortune among these misfortunes is not maintained by right and wrong, but among all the possibilities, he found a way that is the most compromised and the least hurt— —I believe that from that moment on, it will be good for the world with all.

As for whether it will suddenly become bad at some point in the future, for example, the classmate realizes that the scar on his body is an “if not” that could have been avoided; or his family realizes that the scar brings Cost was not able to form a contract with the teacher in black and white at the very beginning, so will the world be better, and back to the original question – is it too late to announce the truth now? In other words, should the truth be revealed to the public at that moment?

But in the end, this is someone else’s world, what does it have to do with me if I live well? If I were the one who knew the “truth”, I wouldn’t dare to be the one who ruined the peace of the years!

“The world will be good?”

“awaiting notice.”

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