The world’s first new crown oral vaccine research and development made a breakthrough

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Pinwan, July 22, according to a report from China Business News, the development of the world’s first new crown oral vaccine has recently ushered in a breakthrough.

An oral tablet form of the vaccine developed by U.S. company Vaxart showed safety and tolerability in a small study, with results including crossover, according to the results of a small study published on a preprint website. Mucosal immune response including IgA (immunoglobulin A) antibodies. This study initially explored the possibility of vaccines producing long-lasting immunity against different mutants of the new coronavirus, and it is expected to become the “ultimate weapon” to contain the new crown epidemic. This aspirin-sized tablet vaccine is an adenovirus vector vaccine consisting of a non-replicating adenovirus vector expressing the S protein and N genes of the new coronavirus and a double-stranded RNA adjuvant.

In the newly published study, 35 adult subjects received a single low or high dose, and five subjects received two low doses. Nearly half of the subjects showed an increase in IgA antibodies after administration, and the oral vaccination-induced nasal IgA antibodies had better neutralizing activity compared with nasal samples from recovered patients with Covid-19. IgA antibodies are highly cross-immune to all tested SARS-CoV-2 including Delta and Omicron and persist for up to a year, which may be higher than that of neutralizing antibodies produced after most vaccinations time. Most of the current research shows that the duration of neutralizing antibodies after vaccination may not exceed 6 months.

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