There is always a way out

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The last two years have been using Western Digital’s virtual host. Even if there are occasional problems, with the help of their technicians, they are quickly resolved.

But the day before yesterday, the mobile phone suddenly received a text message, saying that the website was stopped by the administrator due to a CC attack. After consulting with their technicians many times, they come and go with only two responses. One is: Our operation and maintenance personnel have verified that your website is affected by the cc attack and the server is stable. Please upgrade to use a cloud server. The other is: The virtual host cannot provide higher protection, and the attack will affect other users on the same network, so it can only be temporarily closed. It is recommended to purchase a third-party CC protection. After accessing the defense, you can contact our company to restore the website. It looks super ugly.

My intuition is that they deliberately made CC to attack virtual machine customers, and then forced customers to upgrade at a high price.

There was really a way out of the dark, and the situation at home and work was ignored. Even the virtual machine came to join in the fun. The mood that night was really low.

Fortunately, I met Qiye at the most hesitant moment. With his help, I quickly bought a server on Alibaba Cloud, installed a CDN, and made a big move. In half a day, the problem was solved. I’m really happy and grateful to him.

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