There is no standard for kitchen reform? Casarte and CHASA take the lead in formulating industry service standards

Due to the short development time of dishwasher products, complicated installation services, and the lack of standards in the industry, the user experience is not good. It has been on the road of kitchen reform in China for more than ten years, hindering the entire industry. progress and iteration.

However, a solution to this problem was found in the annual new product launch event of the dishwasher, “Innovative, “Clean,” for Love + 1, held by Casarte in Wuhan on June 10. 740 At the scene, Casarte not only put forward a new high-end kitchen cleaning and care scene solution, but also displayed highlights such as Galaxy Gemini, the new Neutron Hemei Pro dishwasher set and the H20 Asian dishwasher. Dishwasher Happiness Plan”, jointly launched with the China Household Appliances Service and Maintenance Association to formulate service standards for domestic dishwashers.

This means that the era of the traditional chaotic, fragmented and low-adaptive kitchen reform industry has come to an end – from this moment on, the era of “new kitchen reform” with more personalized and customized capabilities and “standards” to follow is officially arrival.

Absence of standards, poor experience in “customized” kitchen reform

With the improvement of users’ living standards, the demand for “lazy household appliances” such as dishwashers in the Chinese market is expanding exponentially.

According to the statistics of the Prospective Research Institute, the market size of China’s dishwasher industry in 2016-2021 will increase from less than 2 billion yuan in 2016 to 10 billion yuan in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 39%; and according to Huajing Industry Research Institute In 2021, the retail sales of disinfection cabinets in my country has also reached 4.59 million units.

But at the same time, the uneven quality of service in all aspects of kitchen reform has also become an obstacle for users to enjoy the huge convenience brought by dishwashers.

After all, traditional Chinese families do not habitually leave too much space for the kitchen space in the spatial layout, and the kitchen functional area is relatively small. There is enough space left, if you choose the wrong one, you will not be able to install it.

Therefore, the process of dishwashers entering the kitchen space of Chinese families is relatively more complicated. It needs to be designed according to local conditions, people, and needs. There are many links such as delivery, modification, and installation, which are highly professional.

The young Chinese kitchen improvement industry did not have a unified industry standard before, which led to the uneven quality of services from different service providers and different links, and poor user experience, which made it difficult for Chinese kitchen improvement to move forward better.

Jointly customize the standard, let the kitchen improve thousands of households

But the problem is not without solution. A set of general industry standards can fundamentally solve the above dilemma.

The introduction of the standard will break the “separate” situation of service standards between various brands and links in the kitchen renovation industry, allowing users to obtain high-quality services that meet their expectations in the purchase, installation, after-sales and other links of dishwashers, and then Make it possible to customize a wider range of kitchen modifications.

This is the fundamental reason why Casarte Dishwasher and China Household Appliances Service and Maintenance Association jointly formulated the “First Service Standard for Delivery and Refit in the Dishwasher Industry”.

This industry service standard will allow China’s kitchen reform industry to have the first “ruler” that can be used in general and more universal;

This standard will help brands to complete dishwasher kitchen renovation services and deliver refit services to a high standard, provide consumers with a more comprehensive and assured purchasing experience, and standardize kitchen renovation services in the dishwasher industry, so as to serve the Chinese kitchen renovation industry. Open up a whole new situation. 740 New product, new technology, new experience

Not every single company is eligible to customize specifications for an industry. The reason why Casarte is able to do this is precisely because Casarte has set an example in the entire industry in the exploration of customized kitchen modification.

At the event site, we saw that Casarte, based on its core scenario-based ideas, proposed a new high-end kitchen cleaning and care center scenario solution, bringing Neutron Hemei Pro dishwasher set and H20 Asian dishwashing Machines and other high-tech series of highlight products.

These products are based on innovative technologies such as “integration of washing, drying, storage and maintenance”, “H-wash ultra-clean cabin”, “sandwich water flow”, “partial enhanced washing” and other innovative technologies, and will become Casarte dishwashers in the future to promote industry customized services Upgraded key engine. 740 For example, the newly released Neutron Hemei Pro dishwasher set. This product adopts Fisher & Paykel direct drive variable frequency motor with suspended spray arm, as well as a newly upgraded stainless steel liner drawer + stainless steel spray arm, which can achieve independent disinfection and decontamination, making the space more streamlined and more convenient to use .

It also fully takes into account the unique needs of business people who travel for a long time, and can provide 12-day long-term storage through regular disinfection procedures.

The release of Neutron and Mei Pro also means that Casarte has achieved a comprehensive upgrade of the integration of decontamination and elimination through technological innovation, and has completed a major breakthrough in the service experience of the industry.

Followed by another new H20 Asian dishwasher. This dishwasher is equipped with sandwich flushing water flow on the upper and lower layers. It is equipped with 50000Pa high-pressure all-round cleaning and 80°C high-temperature steam variable temperature washing. The front and back sides of tableware and pots can be easily washed, achieving 99.999% sterilization effect, making washing cleaner. . 740 At the same time, the drying effect of intelligent door opening and quick drying can also ensure a dry internal environment, prevent the growth of bacteria caused by moisture, and achieve 168-hour aseptic storage.

It can be seen that today’s Casarte has been able to subvert the logic of traditional kitchen reforms and bring users a higher-quality life experience through customized kitchen reforms, seven-star service and unique scenario-based ideas.

In the future, Casarte will still explore the real needs of users, focus on user experience, and explore new ways of life with high-end kitchen cleaning and care with users.

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