This iOS16 update makes cheating harder to catch

How many people can’t help but want to look at their partner’s phone if they forget to lock the screen and put it on the table?

Of course, there may be some legal issues with peeking at your partner’s phone without consent. When some partners agree that the phone is checked, perhaps the most unexpected “danger zone” for them is in the photo album app .


Heartbroken people find clues about partner cheating in ‘Recently Deleted’ in album

Hidden, but not completely hidden

Recently, Apple’s update focused on this “dangerous zone”.

Apple has been adhering to a caring but not completely caring attitude, all the way to iOS16. Looking at the new system, an “epic” update is hidden in the album:


There are two very useful functions in the iPhone photo album App, one is to hide photos , and the other is to delete photos and archive them to ” Recently Deleted “.

Hide Photos allows you to remove photos you don’t want to show from your gallery and put them in a separate “Hidden” menu.

“Recently deleted” will help you save the photos you want to delete, providing a 30-day “return period”.

However, the photos you want to hide and delete will appear generously in the menu of the main page of the album , for fear that other people will not be able to see these two options. It can be said to be “hidden but not completely hidden, deleted but not completely deleted”.


These two bright albums that can be accessed without a password also hide the broken hearts of many partners|Provided by the author

Until this year’s iOS16, Apple added a lock to these two albums .

The new album has been hidden and recently deleted are displayed as a lock in the position of the photo number. You need to use biometric verification or enter the mobile phone password to unlock and open. No password required in 10 minutes? If it doesn’t exist, this lock is valid all day long, and authentication is required every time you click on these two albums .


Apple finally understands that deleting photos is not necessarily because the phone’s memory is not enough, it may also be because they don’t want people to see it again, and non-owners may use the phone after the owner unlocks the phone!

But is the little secret in “Recently Deleted” now more difficult to find (dog head)?

Sync little secrets to every device

In terms of “catching cheating”, the photo album app has to call a master when it sees the iCloud service.

As Apple’s own data synchronization service, iCloud has always been conscientious, trying its best to keep the data of each of your devices consistent .

However, this synchronization also “automatically distributes” the user’s little secret to all devices .

Some families share an iPad. If the iCloud function is turned on by default, not only all the photos taken on the phone will be synchronized, but even real-time information will be pushed to the iPad.


Sharing iCloud, you become a digitally transparent person in front of your loved ones|Chicago Tribune (song translation)

Singer Gwen Stefani decided to divorce after she learned of her husband’s three-year illicit relationship with the nanny after she found explicit text messages and nude photos between her husband and nanny on an iPad. The content on the iPad is synced by iCloud .

Not only that, but Apple’s Home Sharing feature makes every action visible to others.

After enabling shared purchases, the managing members of the homegroup can pay for subscriptions and software purchases for other members. That is, when you buy a new app, or renew your subscription for a dating app, the admins in the group will receive a paid list . Admins can even access other people’s recently downloaded software…


Of course, in addition to the serious situation of “caught cheating”, the sudden synchronization of iCloud will also make people “social death” caught off guard. In Douban’s “social death” group, the wonderful stories brought by iCloud synchronization “secret” are also constantly updated.


iCloud synchronization secret, is a member of the social death group | Social death group / Douban

It’s not entirely the technology’s fault, though.

iCloud makes people no longer have to worry about tedious data backup and synchronization between different devices. The “Recently Deleted” album offers people a 30-day “regret medicine”. Family sharing makes the device information of the family clear at a glance and easy to use.

It’s just that nowadays we are more and more dependent on electronic devices, and dealing with sensitive personal information in devices has always been an area of ​​concern for major companies. Apple added a security check function in iOS16, which can quickly check the currently shared items and open permissions.


There is another new feature. After all, if you want to use different devices smoothly and protect your privacy, you still have to pay attention manually|Provided by the author

The update of Apple’s system may make it no longer easy to “catch derailment”, but it also protects personal privacy. However, if your partner asks you what’s in “Recently Deleted”, the problem of not being able to unlock it is on you.


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