This week, Beishang funds net purchases of 1.935 billion yuan in the auto industry


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 According to Titan Media App on August 13, benefiting from the good data released by the China Automobile Association, Beishang funds net purchases of 1.935 billion yuan in the auto industry, the industry with the highest net purchases this week; in addition, the semi-annual report of listed companies will enter In the intensive period, industries with stable performance growth such as mining, food and beverage, and chemical industry are also favored by northbound funds this week. Household appliances, computers, real estate, building decoration and other industries were net sold over 100 million yuan. Most institutions are optimistic about the outlook for the automotive sector. Shanxi Securities said that the industry’s production and sales growth in July was faster than the previous month, exceeding market expectations. Considering the continued fermentation of consumption stimulus policies and the intensified chip shortage in August last year, production and sales were low. The growth rate of production and sales in August this year is expected to remain at a relatively high level. The positive growth of production and sales in the industry throughout the year is a high probability event, and the prosperity continues to improve.

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