Those Mesozoic fund managers with strong ability to control retracement and excellent performance

Old K uses three core criteria to select some Mesozoic fund managers with relatively good performance.

First, the fund manager’s life span is 5 to 10 years, and there are funds under management that have been under management for more than 3 years, and the scale is less than 10 billion!

Second, the maximum drawdown of the selected funds is less than 30%!

Third, the annualized income and job return are excellent and have a certain reputation in the industry.

The picture below shows the Mesozoic fund managers with a geometric average annualized return of more than 15% and their funds that have worked for more than 3 years and have better control of retracement.


Data source: Choice, as of 2022.08.12

The first one is Miao Weibin, the fund manager who manages the famous window fund, Jin Yuanshun An Yuanqi’s flexible allocation. The geometric average annualized return of the fund he manages exceeds 29%!

Jin Yuan Shun An Yuan Qi is flexible with a single-day purchase limit of 50 yuan, and the return on tenure for more than 4 years is 236.84%, and the annualized return exceeds 29%!

This is an extremely diversified investment fund, and the trend is very obvious. However, there is a certainty that it is difficult to take advantage of this strategy when the scale is large, so this fund is more restricted in purchases.

Qiu Dongrong of Zhonggeng, Gao Yuan of Changxin, Yuan Weide of CEIBS, Yang Kun of Nuoan, Mo Haibo of Wanjia, Zhou Haidong of Huashang, He Shuai of Bank of Communications, Jin Zicai of Caitong, Tang Xiaobin of Guangfa, Yang Xinxin of ICBC , Huaan’s Hu Yibin, Rongtong’s Wan Minyuan, Yi Fangda’s Chen Hao, Yuanxin Yongfeng’s Fan Yan, and Bank of Communications’ Han Weijun all entered the list.

I believe that most of the fund managers’ names, Lao Jimin, have been heard from various channels.

The two core indicators of control drawdown and scale, after experiencing market volatility for more than a year, I believe everyone has paid more attention.

These have strong ability to control and withdraw, and they also have fund managers with funds under management of no more than 10 billion yuan, which are still worthy of everyone’s attention.

The list is pulled out using big data, so Mr. K will not go and make more comments one by one. You can go and see the funds managed by these fund managers that have entered the list to see if there is any dish that suits you.

Finally, if you like it, remember to collect, like and support, and also remember to pay attention to the old K, the old K will continue to update the investment dry goods for your reference.

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